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Financial Blog UMCSSA Provides Listings, Reviews on Top Financial Aid Programs for Single Mothers


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2012 -- According to recent data by the U.S. Census Bureau, there are approximately 13.6 million single parents in the United States. These single parents are responsible for raising 21.2 million children, about 26 percent of the total number of children under 21 in the U.S.

With astounding figures like these and a struggling economy, many single mothers are in need of a little extra financial help to make ends meet.

Fortunately, there are numerous grants, government-funded financial aid plans and local assistance programs for single mothers to help pay for groceries, gas, housing, health insurance and clothing, and even scholarships to help fund education for them and their children.

But locating and understanding the qualifications for each of these different financial assistance programs can be quite frustrating and confusing.

Featuring detailed listings and reviews of the various programs, scholarships and grants for single women, www.UMCSSA.org is the top financial blog and resource for single mothers throughout the U.S. The blog aims to provide guidance and insight on the many available grants for single women, housing assistance programs and more in order to help educate single mothers on all of their options. In addition, the site features a single mother Q & A forum where women can post inquiries and receive input from other people in their same situations.

As prices for goods and services continue to rise, many people are also facing unemployment or lowered incomes. And single parents are doubly feeling the impact of these economic issues.

UMCSSA.org provides an unsurpassed amount of information and help for single mothers in need of housing assistance, educational funding, or financial aid for daily necessities such as food and clothing. These details can be found at http://umcssa.org/financial-help/housing-assistance-for-single-moms.

The financial blog recognizes it is not easy job being a single mother and how important it is for them to have the proper financial help and preparation. But understanding which programs a single woman qualifies for and how to apply for them is half the battle.

According to UMCSSA.org, “Even though the federal government offers some help it's mostly state and local governments which are the best choice for financial aid for single parents. However, sometimes it's difficult to qualify, but persistence and a lot of research often pays off.”

For more information, visit http://www.UMCSSA.org

About UMCSSA.org
UMCSSA.org is a top financial blog dedicated to helping single mothers understand the options they have for grants, scholarships, housing assistance, financial aid and more. Featuring detailed listings and reviews of a multitude of financial assistance programs, the site offers unsurpassed information and support for single mothers throughout the U.S.