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Financial Education Can Help Students with Pesky Loans

Young adults must improve their financial literacy to better cope with the burgeoning student loan problem


Arlington Heights, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- On Monday, June 11, President Obama signed an executive order that will help up to five million student loan borrowers, signaling a need to address the $1.2 trillion problem. However, one area that the administration did not address was financial literacy. Improving young adults understanding of financial, credit, and debt management topics will help them better understand and apply for the proper student loan.

According to national surveys, almost half (49 percent) of young adults believe that they do not have proper financial management skills, but recognize the need to take a financial education course and would likely take one if offered. Young adults primarily rely on their parents to teach them about managing their money since many high schools and colleges do not require or offer financial literacy courses. However, often parents do not have the opportunity to teach their children these important life lessons. Consequently, Financial Education of America created Futurebuck, a free web-based financial literacy course that teaches young adults the essentials of financial, credit, and debt management.

“In today’s challenging financial environment, financial education has never been so important,” said Bob Reotutar, president of Financial Education of America, LLC. “Young adults need a program that can teach them about credit cards, debt, student loans, credit reports, identity theft, retirement, and other similar financial topics. Our program educates young adults on these topics and also teaches practical financial skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.”

Futurebuck is made up of ten course video modules that are segmented into 4-7 minute modules and include quizzes at the end of each module to reinforce the course’s lessons. In less than three hours, young adults will learn about financial topics, including credit cards, debt, budgets, and student loans. Because the program is online, students can complete the program on their own schedule and at their convenience.

Currently, the program is used by high school and college students, young adults just starting their careers, and even older adults who would like to learn more about financial topics. Access the program free of charge by registering at

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Financial Education of America, LLC seeks to improve financial literacy in young adults through a nationwide campaign to promote the issue to schools, junior colleges, universities, companies, organizations, and any groups or institutions with young adults. The company created Futurebuck, a comprehensive, online education course that teaches in ten modules the essentials of financial, credit and debt management through a series of short, interactive videos. For more information about Futurebuck or Financial Education of America, please visit

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