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Financial Happine$$: New Book Urges Readers to Ditch Financial Advisors and Learn Financial Literacy from 'The Crazy Man in a Pink Wig'

As one of the few people to balance financial literacy and happiness with perfect harmony, Mike Finley is inspiring thousands of people to forget all they learned from salespeople and get a real financial education. However, don’t expect pressed suits and stuffy lingo; Finley prefers to help the public develop a connection between money and happiness through his frank and honest affirmations, engaging examples and his much loved and empowering pink wig. Awake!


Cedar Falls, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- To most, the words ‘crazy’ and ‘money’ should never co-exist. However, with millions of so-called financial advisors and salespeople misleading the public to drive a financial agenda that benefits only them, one celebrated independent financial teacher has a strong message – a ‘crazy’ way of thinking is the only way to balance true financial freedom and happiness.

This message comes from Mike Finley, known to thousands as ‘the crazy man in the pink wig’. While his approach to financial literacy is off-the-wall, it is plausible, proven and has already changed the lives of Americans from coast to coast. Finley’s entertaining approach is finally being shared with the world via his upcoming book, ‘Financial Happine$$’.


Financial Happine$$ will show you how the world of money really works and how you can benefit simply by understanding what forces are working against you. PS There are many.

You will discover:

- What snakes, snickers, elephants, ostriches, foxes, and tulips have to do with the world of money; YOUR money
- Your financial IQ is just as important and maybe more important than your academic IQ
- How living the American Dream can lead to financial and emotional bankruptcy
- Who is really doing YOUR thinking and what you can do about it
- What financial advisors, life insurance agents, and car salespeople have in common AND why you should avoid them all

Mike Finley shares his "secrets" in this enlightening and entertaining tale that will help you to see the connection between money and that elusive thing we call happiness. He will give away $100,000. The journey begins NOW.

As the author explains, his knowledge has been developed through grassroots trial, error and success.

“I’m no financial advisor. In fact, I barely finished high school. However, by being ‘crazy’ and challenging the world around me, I have come out the other side financially free and ultimately happy. My book teaches others how to adopt this mind-set and do the same. I am the answer and so are YOU. By ending their financial ignorance, they can achieve greater happiness than their current situation provides,” says Finley.

Continuing, “There’s a gap between money and happiness that can’t be bridged by ‘traditional’ financial professionals who only work to increase their personal wealth. If people can change how they think and act – which involves being somewhat crazy – they can enter a world they have yet to see.”

Hundreds of testimonials from previous clients prove the life-changing results they can achieve. For example, client Peter commented, “In today's modern world of massive advertising, huge consumer debt, and rampant materialism, Mike Finley provided the sane voice that a person is not insane to save, spend smartly, and invest for a life filled with happiness and success. Mike reinforced the values that my Depression Era parents instilled in me every day of my childhood, and his notes have helped me share these values effectively with my own children.”

Student Dustin was equally as impressed, adding, “The knowledge and resources that Michael has provided me have truly changed my life. I am lucky to have begun my journey to becoming financial literate early in life...”

‘Financial Happine$$’ is due for release January 24, 2014. For more information, visit: http://www.thecrazymaninthepinkwig.com.

About the Author
“I was raised in a small town in the beautiful state of Iowa. My upbringing was rather normal, but as always there were a few obstacles. My mother died of breast cancer when I was two. As you might imagine, my father had difficulties dealing with this tragedy, but he paid the bills and made sure my basic needs were met. I endured the experience, struggles and all.

I survived high school with no clue about what I was going to do with the rest of my life. One day my father decided to give me a push. He walked right up to me and said, “You are going to have to find another place to live before the year is out.” My jaw dropped. My dad walked away. Within a month I signed up for the United States Army.

The little bird was being pushed out of the nest. It was my chance to fly. I was entering a world where money was earned, spent, and sometimes saved by people who looked a lot like me, except there was a problem. I knew nothing about money and how to manage it.

After completing my army training, I was sent to my first duty station. This was my first opportunity to handle money, My money! I spent plenty, saved what was left, and basically just did what most of my buddies were doing. Winging it.

One day a supervisor told me I should consider investing my money like she did. I agreed and off to the “expert” we went. She introduced me to a sharp looking professional, and he said he would “help” me. Within no time at all, I was investing in the stock market. Then I was ushered over to another gentlemen who looked just as impressive in his suit and tie. This life insurance agent quickly signed me up with a life insurance policy called whole life. It was part insurance and part investment. I was now an investor in stocks and insurance. I was going to be rich!

By the spring of 1986 my paycheck had gotten bigger and that meant it was time to buy a better car. (That is the American way, right?) As I stepped onto the new car lot, the salesmen flew over to greet me. He asked me what I could afford to fork over on a monthly basis. Soon after, I was the new owner of a brand new Toyota Camry. I was living the American Dream!

The Army decided to send me to Germany, in 1989. What does a young man do when he has free time on his hands in a foreign country? I could have spent those extra hours at the local bars chasing the pretty girls and enjoying the German beer, but I chose a different option. I chose books. I started reading on many topics, and before long I was finishing off two books a week after my workday was finished (if you are ever going to become financially literate you will have to do it on your own time).

One day one of my buddies stopped me and asked if I was investing in the stock market. I stuck my chest out and said I do. He asked if he could come over some evening to learn how to do this investing “stuff.” I agreed to his request and made the appointment. The evening came, and my friend was full of questions. Sadly, I had no answers. After all of these years, I was still financially dumb.

The next day I headed straight to the bookstore. What was I looking for? I didn’t know, but I had to start somewhere. I found a book, Wealth Without Risk, by Charles Givens. I picked it up, ruffled through it, said what the hell, and paid the lady at the counter. Could a $20 book change my life?

I took that book home and read it. What did I learn? Mr. Givens taught me that I could be my own financial advisor. Yes, little ole me. I am the answer, and if my financial life was going to improve, then I had to improve, and that meant educating myself NOW.

After finishing that book, I picked up another one and then another and then another. Slowly, I was starting to “connect the dots,” and that meant I was becoming financially educated. After a few months it was time to start taking action. The first place I started was the net worth statement.

I had never heard of this net worth statement before, but I knew I needed one. What did I find out when I completed it? I was 25 years old and broke. Financial illiteracy got me to this point, and if I was ever going to get out of this situation, I had to change. I did.

My next stop was the broker. I walked in to his office and politely told him to redeem my shares in the high commissioned and high fee mutual fund. The life insurance agent was next. I told him to cancel the policy that I did not need.

The debt was next. I stopped everything I was doing (cut back on the extra’s in life so I could deal with what was holding me back) and paid off my car loan and credit card debt. My life was changing.

I kept doing what was smart and efficient for myself financially. I had to learn to just say NO to the sharks and charlatans of the world (not to mention the advertising messages). Gradually, my financial life was trending upward as I patiently continued my journey.

I would like to fast forward now to the age of 45. That was the year I retired. I had reached financial freedom! Financial literacy followed by action took me far, but that is not the end of the story. There is more to life than money.

I am here to share what I know. I am here to help. Are you skeptical? Good. Stay that way as you and I form a relationship of trust over time. I will be here 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Use me as a sounding board if you like. Use me to better understand this world of money if that’s what you prefer. Just remember, financial literacy can change the course of your life. Let’s get started.”