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Financial Pundit, Jennifer Streaks, Releases Powerful 'Interactive' 2013 Financial Planning Journal

As the only book of its kind currently on the market, ‘Your 2013 Financial Planner’ is a fully-customizable journal that fuses Streak’s acclaimed financial planning advice with the ability to add goals, attach records and create a compelling personal resource for a better life.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- While the U.S. economy is attempting recovery, millions of Americans feel controlled by their money and lack a concrete financial plan. Nobody sees this more than Jennifer Streaks, a DC-based financial expert whose critically-acclaimed advice has helped thousands recover control and execute a successful plan for the future. Wanting to assist everyone willing to accept help, Streaks is breaking new ground with a powerful financial planning ‘journal’.

‘Your 2013 Financial Planner’ sits head-and-shoulders above other financial planning books, due its fully-customizable and interactive nature. Written to help any American save money, manage debt and set up a financial plan for the future, the book’s journal-style allows it to become a long-term investment in its own right.

By utilizing the included advice along with a series of work-through tasks and space to store notes, thoughts, documents and successes, the book allows anyone to map out a total financial strategy for all areas of their life. From creating emergency funds and saving for retirement, through to planning casual spending and house-hold budgets, the book is designed to become an ever-changing resource for current and future planning.

“There are some great financial planning books on the market, but many end when the last page is turned,” says Streaks, who is a renowned financial author and frequently sits as a pundit for the national media.

She continues, “So many people are still struggling after the downturn in the economy and the housing debacle. We need to get back to back to basics financial planning.”

Streaks’ latter point is pivotal and led to the book being written for people at all levels of the financial knowledge spectrum.

“I wanted to create a resource for people who have absolutely no knowledge of finance; none at all. By getting back to the very basics I help every reader develop sound financial knowledge and discover how they can put more money into their back pocket,” she adds.

Each user will also gain free access to a dedicated book website (http://www.yourfinancialplanner.org), which will allow them to source updated information, access special bonus resources and interact with Streaks directly.

While the current edition of the financial planner encompasses 2013, Streaks’ reach stretches far beyond December. In fact, a new book will be released each year to allow users to receive up-to-the-minute advice, continue storing important information and create a life-changing series of annual journals for future reference.

Critics praise Streaks for the diligent efforts she is taking to get Americans back on track for a more financially-fruitful future. Having built a solid reputation for authoritative and pro-active advice, many in the financial sector are pleased to see such a user-friendly resource being introduced to the market.

With 2013 in full swing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy and set a course for a better financial future today.

‘Your 2013 Financial Planner’ is available now: http://bit.ly/Z2PhTy

About the Author: Jennifer Streaks
For more than a decade, Streaks has championed the messages of financial literacy and financial management for everyday people.

From the National Association of Securities Dealers to KPMG, LLP, Streaks has been called on for her financial expertise again and again to ensure investors are protected. Her clients have included Merrill Lynch, Fleet Boston Bank and Legg Mason.

Streaks is a frequent guest on several news talk shows, guiding the public to better understand the credit crisis and how the average person can protect his assets in difficult times. She is also currently finishing the last chapters of a consumer target book, Digging Your Dreams Out of Debt which will focus on creating a knowledge base for most Americans that will enable them to map out a strategy for today’s crises and plan for the future economy. For more information, visit: http://www.jenniferstreaks.com