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Financial Push: Innovative New eBook Provides Bold Plan for Financial Success

From internationally renowned writer Nolan Jefferson, ‘Financial Push: The Million Dollar Blueprint’ is a quick and effective roadmap to accumulating one million dollars … in only three years.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2014 -- Atlanta, GA -- It’s no joke. Despite being released on April Fools Day, 2014, and despite its lofty claims, ‘Financial Push: The Million Dollar Blueprint’ by Nolan Jefferson, is the real deal.

After Jefferson became frustrated with the outrageously priced books, kits and speaking engagements of other financial gurus, the author decided to release an inexpensive eBook detailing his simple process for financial success.

The book takes readers on a journey toward accumulating one million dollars, in less than three years. Although Jefferson realizes many may believe this isn’t possible – he shows why they’re wrong in a step-by-step course, backed by fact-based research and solid numbers. It’s a one-way-ticket to financial freedom, and readers can pick it up for less than the price of a cup of coffee.


"Enough is Enough!

We are bombarded with encyclopedia-size books claiming they can make you rich. In reality, you are simply making them wealthier by purchasing the $20 book. Then, you have to turnaround and purchase "the kit". And let's not start with the expensive speaking engagements. But why? It is all a game. This is the reason for ‘Financial Push: The Million Dollar Blueprint.’. No extra fillers or 250 page book. This covers every area you need to move forward in life.

And get this....

Your goal can be accomplished within 3 years! Seriously. For less than a gallon of gas, you can speed towards your goal of financial freedom with Financial Push."

“More and more consumers are experiencing financial strain, dead-end jobs and increasing debt,” says Jefferson. “To make matters worse, the whole idea of achieving financial success has become a cottage industry – with so-called experts releasing literature, kits and other marketing schemes. In the end, the reader is right back where he or she started and on top of that, they’re often $20-$50 dollars poorer. It’s a shame, and my goal is to eliminate these expensive books and kits and get back to basics.”

‘Financial Push: The Million Dollar Blueprint’ is available now in eBook format: http://amzn.to/1mICvWo

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About Nolan Jefferson
Nolan Jefferson is an active philanthropist in London, UK. Nolan Jefferson, an active philanthropist, has been seeking the paths to wealth since a young child. Through numerous business projects and investing, he has made financial growth part of his everyday life. With the history of finance taking its place in London, Nolan has been engulfed in a rich culture of money and business. He divides his time for writing with his wife and two children.