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Financial Security Startup to Monitor Stolen Data in Next Breach

A new startup called Card Creeper to provide data breach monitoring of stolen credit card and debit cards starting in May.


Peachtree Corners, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 -- It seems like you can't blink without hearing about a case of credit or debit card fraud. According to the Department of Justice, 23.7% of households in the United States were victimized by identity theft in 2010 - a number that has continued to grow since and shows no signs of stopping.

Consumers have options when it comes to protecting themselves, and most credit card companies offer some measure of fraud protection. Consumers are learning the hard way that debit cards don't offer the same protection.

The problem with most of these countermeasures is that they aren't engaged until after a stolen credit or debit card is used and the fraudulent charges are reported; if the charges aren't discovered, the misuse can continue unabated for some time. Months can go by before a bank or ecommerce service even realizes a breach has occurred.

Card Creeper, a new security startup for the consumer financial sector is to provide the first active fraud countermeasure of its kind. Rather than simply looking out for erroneous charges, Card Creeper's technology sweeps the internet for the presence of a user's data.

The Card Creeper developers explain it this way: a special technology designed to hang out in the bad neighborhoods of the Internet and scan files and websites that are sharing stolen card data like yours.

The goal is to locate stolen financial information before it's disseminated and used. This technology piggy backs in conjunction with proven, popular technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Oracle, and Google.

Card Creeper is set to launch this May and will only be accepting 1000 customers during their first phase.

More information can be found on their website at for those interested in the upcoming service.

About Card Creeper
Founded in late 2014, our focus is providing help for an impossible task of monitoring the Internet manually. That's why we have designed and invested in the technology to code Card Creeper to monitor the Internet for you. Our goal is to become the first choice for card monitoring online.

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Card Creeper Technologies, LLC.
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