Financial Strategist, Educator and Consultant Jeff Barnes Announces Free How to Invest in Private Deals Webinar

Jeff Barnes, a leading mind in the investment world, and Great Blue Capital recently announced the countdown to a free webinar offering the secrets on “How to Invest in Private Deals.” Barnes plans to break down the “ins and outs” of investing in private opportunities, an area where he has displayed mastery. The early excitement surrounding the webinar is high.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2014 -- Among financial investment experts and cutting edge investors one of the very big topics of conversation continues to be self-directed investing. Self-directed investing, including investing in private deals, allows an investor control of where their money is going and as much personal input as possible in the end results of their investments. One name that continues to be very well regarded in these circles is leading financial strategist, educator and consultant Jeff Barnes, President and CEO of Great Blue Capital. Recently, in exciting news, Barnes announced a free “How to Invest in Private Deals” webinar, with sign up ending on November 5th, at 5 PM Pacific. The response to the news of the timely webinar has been wildly enthusiastic.

“The world of investing has changed, yet the tools we have for investing haven't,” commented Barnes, about his company's services and coming webinar. “We provide tools and resources for investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio with alternative investments a chance to learn and invest in top-performing investments such as real estate.”

According to Barnes, the 60 to 90 minute long webinar is going to cover a great deal of important ground on the topic of investing in private deals. Highlights will include: how to locate and determine which private investments are worthwhile; what steps to take to minimize risk when investing in private deals; and, incredibly, Barnes promises to reveal the single most important document any investor needs when considering a private deal.

Every person who signs up for the free webinar will also receive a free checklist of all investment vehicles available today.

Past clients of Barnes' investment advice and products have been quick to give enthusiastic feedback.

Customer Drew Birdseye, recently said, “It's an interesting concept that I can actually have full access to my money and invest in almost anything! I wasn't aware that was a possibility until I met, Jeff.”

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