Financial Updates on uVernal's Matcha Powder Published

The Figures in Recent Marketing Reports Show uVernal Matcha Powder Sales Rising


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2016 -- The 100% organic Matcha powder sold by uVernal has only recently entered the global market. The predictions made by experts before the product's release have been favorable in their majority. The first actual results had shown that the experts had been right in their optimistic approach. Matcha sales by uVernal continued to rise and even surpassed the most positive predictions that had been made.

With uVernal's product's success now a given fact, experts once again try to predict the future of the product, trying to foresee for how long the sales will rise, whether they will stabilize or drop in the future.

The majority of experts, including many marketing experts that specialize on following the popularity of organic products, are still very positive in their predictions. The general idea is that uVernal's Matcha will overtake a large part of the Matcha market in the west, especially when it comes to the eco-friendly and health conscious audiences that prefer organic products.

Only a minority of marketing experts were cautious in their predictions, considering that there will be strong competition by brands that will sell cheaper, lower quality Matcha. Some of the most pessimistic experts believe that the public will turn to cheap knock-off products to satisfy the large demand for pure Matcha.

The organic brand uVernal already has a solid marketing strategy, expecting support from those customers who only look for top quality and sustainable production. The ethical production of Matcha tea is at the forefront of uVernal's priorities. The brand only supports Matcha farms that use traditional methods. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are allowed anywhere near said farms and the general area has to be pollution free.

A recent survey has shown that most who tried different brands of Matcha could detect the difference in taste between the organic uVernal product and the rest.

The support from the community has been positive until now, with many customers reviewing uVernal's Matcha tea favorably. For now it is the positive predictions of uVernal's Matcha popularity that seem to be more accurate, since sales charts and surveys come up with positive results consistently. Experts believe that uVernal's Matcha is here to stay in the western market for good and become a staple product in the homes of health conscious consumers.

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