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Financial Independence Mapped out in New Book Creative Millionaires


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- While lots of people dream of financial independence, the real secrets of what makes a millionaire - how to think, act and breath - eludes most individuals who try to decipher a millionaire strategy on their own, keeping financial independence a dream for the vast majority of people. A new book by Paul R. Valcin titled "Creative Millionaires: How To Create Streams of Income with Your Ideas" shows a straightforward way to learn the secrets of how to turn the dream of financial independence into a practical and achievable goal.

No get-rich-quick promise here. "Creative Millionaire" is an unbiased analysis of the practices and methods used by those who have achieved financial independence. The book begins by examining our pre-conceived notions of what money is and isn't, and then goes into examining how those who achieved financial independence conceive of money.

A famous writer once observed, "The rich are different than you and me." This is something Paul R. Valcin knows well. Those who have achieved financial independence universally report that on their way to achieving this independence their thinking changed. Specifically, these hardworking people found that in order of accumulate wealth they had to shed prior ideas about money and how money is earned.

Paul R. Valcin says of his book, "I will show you how to put your ideas and efforts to work for you in a way that adds up to more money for your work. You don't need to be a slave selling your time for money. Anyone can open up and have the same mind and outlook as those who have found financial indepedence."

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About Paul R. Valcin
Born in Haiti, Paul R. Valcin is a decorated US Military veteran, joining shortly after 9/11 and short after receiving his Masters in Business Accounting from Phoenix University. Along with being an entrepreneur and the founding several successful businesses, Paul R Valcin helps disabled veterans as a Veterans Services Representative.

Paul R. Valcin