Joe Bragg Announces Picks for World's Best Free Binary Options Demo Accounts


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2013 -- Binary options trading is becoming an increasingly popular – and profitable – way for traders to generate an income. With binary options trading, traders make a pick between two values: the value of an underlying asset can either go up or down. Binary options trading is most commonly seen on foreign currency exchange (Forex) markets around the world. aims to make binary options trading as easy as possible. The online finance training school teaches students about Forex trading, binary options trading, and other financial concepts. A recently revealed list of the world’s best free binary options demo accounts is designed to make it easy for beginner traders to enter the industry.

A spokesperson for explains how the site chose the best free binary options demo accounts:

“Many people are under the misconception that binary options demo accounts cost money just to open. Fortunately for these people, many of today’s largest and most popular binary options brokers allow new users to sign up for free binary options demo accounts. We meticulously researched each one of these services to find the ones that worked best for today’s traders.”

The end result can be found at the free binary options demo ranking page, where visitors will learn that there are two types of demo accounts:

-Demo accounts that require no deposit
-Demo accounts that require a deposit

While some demo accounts require new users to deposit money before making any trades, other demo accounts don’t require new users to pay a penny. Some demo accounts have a time limit, where the demo ends after 30 days, while others simply give users access to a limited range of features.

In addition to choosing the best free binary options demo accounts, lists some of the unique advantages possessed by each binary options trader. For example, there is only one binary options platform that offers 60 second options on free demo accounts, and entering certain codes after registering for an account can unlock unique advantages.

But above all, the spokesperson encourages users to take their demo account seriously:

“Some people choose to think of their demo account as play money and never plan on becoming real binary options traders. Other people are serious about binary options trading and aim to make the most out of every second of their binary options demo. It doesn’t take long to figure out which types of traders are more successful long-term.”

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