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Kaunas, Lithuania -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Finansu sprendimai, a financial advisory firm, offers services in the areas of company registration and establishment. It also gives suggestions on records management services and investment. Depending upon the clients requirements, the company helps in setting up businesses of any kind. It provides all financial advice that is necessary for a company while setting up a business. It mainly focuses on rendering service for Lithuania company register.

Lithuania is one of the finest destinations to set up a business because it has well educated manpower at cheaper labor cost. The country also has fair tax systems in place. Finansu sprendimai helps people with solutions to start up a business. They prepare documents for clients that are mandatory to set up a firm. The company gives proper guidance to their clients regarding the disposition of capital. Finansu sprendimai also represents its clients at the notary office for registration of the entity at Register of Juridical Persons. This is a database that provides information on all non-profit organizations, foreign companies, and corporations, registered in Lithuania. Finansu sprendimai is also involved in buying and selling of companies, production of stamps, and reorganization of companies.

Finansu sprendimai also helps its client by providing advice on various financial and tax problems. It supports the clients with deregistration and registration, and other legal processes. It helps in preparing financial plans and assessing investment situations. The client can start the business of their choice with the help of Finansu sprendimai. It lists different varieties of establishments that a client would be interested in, like a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited establishment, public enterprise, private enterprise, stock company etc.

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Finansu gives a complete source of information for people who are planning to start up a business in Lithuania. The Lithuania company register service offered by the company facilitates establishment and registration of new companies at Lithuania. It gives advice regarding financial and tax problems of people establishing new business.

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