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The subject stands at the cliff with the creditors and lenders and banks all swarming around demanding their cut of the debt owed. Having grown weary of the battle, and with no options left they make the decision to jump off to escape and see what awaits on the other side. They may have escaped the battle only to realize they are now in a full scale war of attrition. Some have probably told them it will be years before they will be back on their feet financially, especially with a ruined credit score.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- However what they may not know is that there are still very effective means to operate financially after making the decision to declare bankruptcy. The first thing to do is contact their creditors, and say they have obtained legal counsel. Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is very important and here's why.

- Protection from harassment by creditors. A good bankruptcy attorney will call any harassing collectors and make an attempt to get the calls to stop.
- Protection from the uncertain. Bankruptcy is often very complex. Everyone from the courts to the creditors will be reviewing the case. Knowing how to navigate these waters is best left to a professional.
- The unknown can be a problem. A good attorney will be on top of all their financial history and can sometimes find ways out of owing certain debts. For instance, if there is any debt that is older than 15 years, the statute of limitations has likely run out.

Finding a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Anyone who is facing these problems needs to know how to find a good bankruptcy lawyer. Not all lawyers are built the same. It’s important to find one who deals specifically with bankruptcy cases. A good attorney will know exactly how to proceed over the coming months. Learning how to find a bankruptcy lawyer before making any further financial decisions is the first step.

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