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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- If you have ever been to drug rehab, you are familiar with 12-step programs and group chats where addicts talk about their incurable diseases. Conventional drug treatment centers teach you how to cope with everyday life while continuously attending meetings. These outdated methods carry a 90-percent failure rate and often leave people feeling depressed and powerless. The Holistic Sanctuary offers a different approach that empowers clients and cures them of their addictive behavior. This treatment center resembles a prestigious hotel more than a drug and alcohol rehab facility with its relaxing amenities and mouth-watering menu of organic foods. Qualified and compassionate practitioners target the mind, body and soul to reverse the damages of chemical dependency and give you the confidence to live sober and healthy for the rest of your life.

The Holistic Sanctuary accepts clients who are suffering from a variety of addictions, including drug and alcohol. The unique Pouyan Method is natural and holistic while maintaining the highest success rate for eliminating addictions. Treatments reverse the damage caused by chemicals, drugs and alcohol to end addictions permanently. The Holistic Sanctuary is the first drug treatment center to heal the brain and the only one to repair it. Clients experience natural detoxification and address any social, environmental and spiritual sources of dependency. They achieve resolution and design comprehensive lifestyle changes to prevent relapse. While focusing on the mind, body and soul, the healers target the underlying causes of addictive behaviors for an all-encompassing cure. Every process takes place within a relaxing, supportive and secure environment.

Johnny Tabaie founded The Holistic Sanctuary and is often referred to as "Johnny the Healer." After losing his brother and mother to depression, alcohol and drugs, he suffered from his own addictions. Johnny tried standard alcohol and drug rehab programs, such as 12-step groups, but failed to fully recover from his dependency. The doctors even tried prescription medications that only worsened his condition. Fed up with such ineffective approaches, Johnny sought alternative solutions. After one year of research, his discoveries led to holistic, natural methods that reverse the effects of addiction and are now practiced at The Holistic Sanctuary. Now, "Johnny the Healer" dedicates his life to helping families with addiction and chemical dependency through a non-AA 12-step approach.

The staff at The Holistic Sanctuary is hand picked by Johnny who seeks qualified, caring professionals. These healers help to detoxify the body, repair damage to the brain and offer inspiration to all clients. Addicts need empowerment in order to restore their inner harmony and balance, and The Holistic Sanctuary supplies the right resources, technology and environment in which healing can begin.

When undergoing holistic alcohol treatment or drug rehab, clients first confront their mind and thoughts. This center offers a number of programs, such as hypnotherapy, guided mediation and counseling, coupled with therapy. Next, clients face the damage incurred by their body through an alternative drug rehab approach. Ibogaine treatment is offered as a detox program that purges the body of toxins and harmful chemicals. This natural plant root induces intense, personal experiences in which the client addresses behavioral patterns and underlying causes of addiction. Ibogaine also prevents symptoms of withdrawal to help each individual cope with the detox process. Clients also nurture their spirit or soul at The Holistic Sanctuary through yoga, energy workings and other spiritual treatments.

As the only facility that reverses damage to the brain, this drug treatment center offers impressive brain scans to back up such claims. The images of severe addicts' brains show years of damage from alcohol, drugs and prescription medications. In as few as 30 days, new brain scans show completely healed tissue after treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary. Johnny The Healer techniques rebuild neurons and brain cells to completely reverse the damage. With a renewed brain, clients can learn better and retain more information about relapse prevention and living healthy. This healing process allows addicts to regain control and conquer their addictions for life.

Unlike conventional drug treatment methods, The Holistic Sanctuary uses no medications, group therapy or 12-step programs. Clients are not diagnosed with incurable diseases that leave them powerless. With the help of Ibogaine and holistic alcohol treatments, there are no side effects. To prevent more toxins and chemicals from entering the body, the facility serves only organic foods and offers herbal remedies. The path to full recovery is made easier with luxurious amenities like private rooms and non-chlorinated pools. Compassionate healers regenerate brain cells, detox the body and provide spiritual counseling so that clients can let go of the pain and reclaim their lives.

About The Holistic Sanctuary
The Holistic Sanctuary aims to be a national leader in healing through its state-of-the-art methods. Clients receive essential one-on-one therapy with a practitioner who becomes a life coach. Find out how this holistic drug treatment center can reverse addictive behavior and eliminate dependency by visiting The Holistic Sanctuary website.

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