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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2019 -- EINST Technology Pte Ltd is a renowned supplier and distributor of quality backed and affordable microscopy products and light sources in Singapore. For many years, the company has been offering quality backed scientific cameras, terahertz, spectrographs, lasers, and many other products. The local and regional authorities have certified and approved the products and services provided by the company to meet the set industrial quality and safety standards. Therefore, those looking for quality and reliable advanced microscopy products for the bio-medical industry can rely on this provider.

"If looking forward to buying a High-Speed Microscope Camera, we have one that suits every client's needs. Over the years, we have established a large client base through the provision of quality products in the market," said the company's spokesperson. "We not only provide microscope products but also offer calibration, microscope repairs, product prototyping, and preventive maintenance. Also, we can train a company's employees on how to use different microscopy products to boost their productivity. We provide a comprehensive after-sales service to ensure customers get the best out of our products."

EINST Technology Pte Ltd values all their customers. Thus, they have established a secure website where individuals can browse through their product catalog. Customers can also shop for their wide variety of products in the comfort of their locale. The company has collaborated with some of the leading companies in the region to ensure they stock a wide range of products that meets their customers' unique specifications. Those looking for quality backed Andor-Ultra sensitive imaging cameras and microscopes can find solace in the company. They have served many happy clients in the region for over a decade.

"Our staff is committed to delivering the best products to the customers' doorstep. We research extensively to ensure we stock quality backed and original products for our customers. By buying microscopes and other products from us, customers are not only assured of quality backed products but also affordability," said the company's spokesperson. "Visit our website now to buy Andor Camera at a reduced price. Our prices are unbeatable in the market because we source them from some of the leading manufacturers in the region. We have a mission to improve research and innovation by offering the latest technology products for researchers."

The company is committed to ensuring their customers are happy always. They have employed a committed customer care team who attends to all customers like a family. Those intending to get their engineering services can contact the customer care team and be rest assured of immediate feedback. The customer care team is available round the clock to ensure all customer inquiries are responded to on time.

About EINST Technology Pte Ltd
EINST Technology Pte Ltd is a reputable supplier and distributor of quality and latest technology products in the field of Photonics and Bio-medical applications. They also provide calibration and  Product Prototype services. For more information about the company, visit their website, or contact their customer care team.

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Company name: EINST Technology Pte Ltd
Address: Singapore Office1092, Lower Delta Road, #04-01-Singapore 169203
Tel: +65 6276 6928
Fax: +65 6276 1558
Email: sales@einstmicroscopesolutions.com.sg
Website: http://www.einstmicroscopesolutions.com.sg/