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Tuscaloosa, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- One of the most difficult parts of being a professional trucker is knowing where to stop for gas. Sure, truckers have favorite spots to stop, but what happens when a trucker's favorite spot is out of order or to far. That's where Gas Buddy comes in.

GasBuddy.com offers great tools for all looking for gas, but it's especially wonderful for truckers making long journeys across the United States. Here are some benefits of Gas Buddy for truckers:

-GasBuddy.com is now available as an app in the Apple iTunes Store or through the Android store. This means that the great information about gas prices is always available through a phone, even if in the middle of a long trucking haul.

-Unlike other apps, Gas Buddy shows the information for diesel fuels, which can sometimes be more difficult to locate.

-For truckers who work as subcontractors, Gas Buddy saves money at the gas pump. This means that at the end of the trip, there is more money in truckers' pockets.

-Gas Buddy's trip planning tool allows users to create more accurate price quotes for customers that reflect the actual gas prices to be encountered on the upcoming trip. Even if the trucker is a member of the staff and isn't concerned with personal cost, Gas Buddy's Trip Cost Calculator tool allows company's to better budget transport costs.

-Gas Buddy allows truckers to anticipate costs, see overall trends in gas prices, and discover rising costs. Aside from being incredibly informational, this information can be pivotal in planning an annual budget.

-Gas Buddy allows truckers to find gas closest and the cost per gallon. It is a great tool to help truckers in a pinch, especially when detours and other road conditions force truckers to take a different route than the one initially planned on taking. It is this ability to make decisions on the go that makes downloading the Gas Buddy app just a smart decision for truckers in any industry. Detours happen. Gas Buddy ensures that personal safety and budget stay in the clear.

-Gas Buddy makes it easy to know if truckers are overpaying for gas. Both the website and the phone application show the average price of gas at each location. This means that with a quick look, truckers can know if overpaying for gas or gotten quite the steal.

-Gas Buddy now even offers gas price information for Canada. This makes Gas Buddy still applicable for truckers crossing into the Canadian border. As Gas Buddy continues to grow, it is possible that more countries will be represented. This will continue to aid truckers who travel long distances and are ever in need of finding gas.

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