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America’s former Armed Forces personnel deserve every advantage the country can give them, including free legal services for veterans.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- America’s former Armed Forces personnel deserve every advantage the country can give them, including free legal services for veterans. is familiar with this topic and is here to share its knowledge, including:

- National Veterans’ Legal Services Program (NVLSP)
- Stateside Legal Group
- Veterans’ Law Center
- Assistance

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The National Veterans’ Legal Services Program (NVLSP) provides no-cost legal services for veterans and helps them appeal denial of their disability benefits. Often, a veteran applying for disability benefits is denied. The veteran can go to the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims (CAVC), but if he doesn’t have legal representation, he’ll most likely be denied again. This is where NVLSP comes in. They advocate on behalf of the veteran to get him the assistance he deserves by standing up for him in court. Over 90% of cases handled by NVLSP each year result in reversal of the denial, so this organization is worth looking into.

The Stateside Legal Group
This organization is designed to help veterans, active duty personnel, and military members’ families. Part of what they do is provide a list of the three major sources of free veterans’ legal services. They’ve compiled an inventory of the military legal service providers from the Armed Forces Legal Services’ locator. They’ve also supplied listings of civil legal aid firms that work on behalf of veterans, as well as referrals to attorneys linked to the Veterans’ Administration. All of these indexes can be accessed by going online.

The Veterans’ Law Center
The Veterans’ Law Center is an association of legal professionals who provide free legal services for veterans, including counseling and support. Some other services this group supplies are free law seminars so veterans can educate themselves about their legal issues, legal advice about working with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and legal representation when a veteran goes before the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims. All of these services are given at no cost to veterans as part of what America is giving back to them. Help
When a veteran goes to and checks out the “Veterans’ Services” board, he’ll find out what sort of free legal services for veterans the state’s government will supply. It supports the Volunteer Lawyers’ Project, which is a group of attorneys who have banded together to provide legal advice and representation when veterans need it. The Project developed a hotline which veterans can call any time they have a legal issue or question. That number can be found on the website.

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