Find Free Online Low Cost Legal Help, when Can't Afford Lawyers

There is a high demand for free legal help among minimum income groups. Across the country millions go court unrepresented because they cannot find low cost legal help.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- The legal system is aware of this demand, as are law practices, and there are services for this predicament. Legal Yogi will offer suggestions to those seeking free legal help:

- Finding Free Legal Help Through Government And Court
- Finding Free Legal Help Through Funded Programs
- Knowing What To Expect And How To Prepare

Finding Free Legal Help through Government and Court

It’s possible to find services to get litigants free legal advice. Those assigned deal with problems from divorce, to subsidized housing, to public assistance, to unemployment cases. Application requirements are selective though, serving only the low income bracket. These services are often advertised online and in the phone book under “Legal Services” or “Legal Aid”.

Professionals called public defenders are available to help criminal defendants. These also only serve minimum income levels, which must be documented.

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Many county courthouses offer facilitators to help people with their legal claims. They will walk litigants through the process of filing and delivering paperwork to the proper offices in the court system.

Finding Free Help through Public Programs

Pro bono programs also offer free representation to minimum income litigants. They’re affiliated with the bar and do look for minimum income.

There are self-help alternatives for those who might not know how to find free legal help. Many bar associations offer monthly free local clinics with volunteers. People are helped either individually or in group inquiry sessions.

For those above the minimum to qualify for legal services, but still unable to afford representation, there are services for free online legal help that charge hourly fees, and scaled fee programs where prices are more controlled.

Knowing What to Expect and How to Prepare

Litigants should reserve judgments with legal service offices with cheap furniture young lawyers in casual attire. The limited funding available to these offices may not provide the highest quality office environment. Chances are these lawyers value the cause, or have gone through similar financial troubles.

Individuals have to be patient with these lawyers. Their case-loads often include paying clients. Some may have to wait to be called back or seen in person.

To prepare, an individual should write down and familiarize themselves with the chronology of events with forms on hand. Facts should be prepared concisely. The legal service will provide the necessary assistance to help with those uncertain about court.

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