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Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- The first and most important question a person should ask during his free phone consultation with a lawyer deals with money. Ask how much the attorney’s hourly rate is. Also ask about other people who will work on the case with the lawyer and how they will be paid. One must learn of other fees, such as filing fees, which come along with the handling of a case. Be sure to understand the amount of money one will need before choosing a legal representative, and don’t hire one that charges too much.

To make the best use of this opportunity, has provided some areas to ask questions about, such as:

- Cost, Fees, Etc
- Attorney Experience
- Lawyer Philosophy
- Educational Background

Money, Money, Money

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Lawyer’s Knowledge

It makes no sense to simply go online and choose an attorney randomly. A far better idea is to obtain a free online consultation with a lawyer to ask some questions. One of the queries should be about how much knowledge and experience the attorney has. Ask how long she has been practicing and how often she’s been in front of a judge to plead a case. Inquiring about her win-loss ratio is perfectly fine, also. Get as much information on this lawyer’s past and recent success and then make a decision about who to hire.

Attorney’s Philosophy

A philosophy is the way an individual looks at the world. It’s the way he perceives his place in the world. Taking time during a free consultation with a lawyer to inquire about a legal representative’s philosophy of law is a wise idea. One can tell by the passion the lawyer exhibits while expressing his thoughts and feelings about his chosen profession if he is a good attorney. If he has a clear, concise answer to a question of his philosophy, he may be the right attorney to choose.

Lawyer’s Education

Once one has established that an attorney has an acceptable amount of experience and a sufficient number of wins, it’s a good idea to ask about where he got his education. The best time to make this inquiry is during a free phone consultation with a lawyer. If the attorney did not get his law degree from an Ivy League school, don’t discount his abilities. Some of the best lawyers come from humble beginnings.

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