Find My Cloud Storage Creates New Rankings for Best Personal and Business Cloud Storage

Find My Cloud Storage is now helping people find personal and enterprise solutions for their cloud storage needs with new rankings of the best companies for each category.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- Cloud storage is becoming ever more popular, and the providers have had to step up their game recently after controversies hit the headlines, with hackers exploiting celebrities’ cloud drives. As a result, many cloud hosting companies have doubled down on next generation security to prevent such things from happening again, causing a reshuffle in the rankings over at Find My Cloud Storage. The site has now split its rankings into personal and business cloud storage to help everyone find the best package for them.

The personal cloud storage rankings see a new order taking precedence, with the top three now featuring JustCloud, BackBlaze and MyPCBackup. The rankings show a link to the comprehensive reviews of each brand, as well as giving people information on the length of the free trials on offer which allow people to find out for themselves how good these service are.

Equally, the business storage looks very different with SugarSync, Dropbox and Hightail taking the first to third spots, with the same access to cloud storage reviews and information on free trials. Both rankings also link directly to the sites for each provider so users can quickly action their intentions once a decision is made.

A spokesperson for Find My Cloud Storage explained, “Find My Cloud Storage is pleased to have new rankings that reflect the new landscape in cloud storage. All these companies have thrown everything out there to try and catch headlines and customers in amongst the firestorm in the headlines surrounding cloud storage. This has caused a major reshuffle here at Find My Cloud Storage, but JustCloud and BackBlaze have managed to retain their positions for personal cloud storage by doubling down on amazing customer service and security. However, for business, there is now no better solution than SugarSync.”

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