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Find My Cloud Storage Launches Categorized Review System for Personal and Business Users

Find My Cloud Storage has divided its reviews for both business and personal users so as to cut decision making time in half.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2013 -- Cloud storage is considered the future by all those in technology industry- storing information in a remote location that is accessible from anywhere over a high speed connection, meaning documents are no longer limited by which computer was used to author or access them initially. However, choosing the right provider is a different matter, as different providers are specialized to cater for different needs.

Find My Cloud Storage has been authoring cloud storage provider reviews by evaluating first hand experiences, and has recently updated the display of the website to publish reviews within categories of cloud storage providers: those optimized for home use, and those optimized for business use. This will help users to easily identify and pick the right service provider for their online storage needs.

The site’s editor has used an investigative journalism approach to the subject and has personally signed up to all 6 cloud storage plans to see if they truly live up their advertising promises in day to day use. The storage plans for business include Sugarsync, Carbonite and Live Drive where those for personal use include Just Cloud, Back Blaze and My PC Backup.

All the cloud storage providers are broken down in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, unique selling points and three key criteria: server stability, accessibility and value for money.

A spokesperson for My Cloud Storage explained, “The reviews posted by our editor are based on real world experience of all the world’s leading online cloud storage providers, and whether readers are looking for cloud storage for business or personal use, our editor’s experience creating websites for small businesses and large multinationals alike means that he is both a personal and business user, meaning his experiences with these companies are valid for both sides.”

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