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Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- People moving from one city to another usually need to find out the possible increase in cost of living at the new place. Media Freeware has now come up with a new desktop application named Free Cost of Living Calculator, which is guaranteed to give some essential information on costs in different cities in the United States.

Users will get to know the cost of housing, transportation, utilities, healthcare and groceries in various other cities, with the help of the Free Cost of Living Calculator. Individuals are required to provide the name of the current city along with the name of the city where he/she is planning to move.

The application will easily carry out other functions without creating any confusion at great speed. The source city’s cost is shown in the form of percentage by the Free Cost of Living Calculator. All comparisons are made exclusively on the basis of the annual salary of the information provider.

The website says, “The application is very simple and no annoying additional and unnecessary information is shown or is needed, just select your city and enter your salary the application does the rest.”

The calculation of all essential parameters related to the cost of living in another city can be easily carried out with the help of the Cost of Living Calculator from Media Freeware. CNET is hosting the file, and it has been scanned to ensure that the application is free from spyware and virus.

The version, file size, applications, requirements and other specifications are made available to downloaders via the website The Free Cost of Living Calculator is said to be compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

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