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Jobs in Singapore are coveted and very rewarding. Singapore Job Search Edge and the following two books of this series promises you a definite way to get that desired job of yours in Singapore.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2013 -- Singapore is an international hub for the shipping business and now it has also become the hub for international business on this continent. Many skilled and hardworking people are required to carry out responsible and tough position in this country. If there is a dream job in Singapore that anyone covets then, be prepared for tough interview rounds and complicated recruitment process. To help candidates find it easy to search for jobs and have a better hand at getting chosen for their dream jobs, a set of three informative and essential books have been created. Jobs in Singapore may be plenty but the way to get selected for that job is not easy. These three sets of books namely, Singapore job search edge, Singapore resume edge and finally Singapore interview edge will give you all the know how to search for the perfect job for you, prepare a resume that will be picked up instantly and how to pass an interview for a job in Singapore.

These three books contain:-
- Details of strategies to find the right job using job boards
- How to produce an outstanding resume
- How to get your application picked above the others
- How to prepare for an interview for a job in Singapore

There are many jobs in Singapore however; one must know the right people and the right connections to apply for the job. The three books help applicants by giving them useful information on how to use job boards to know more about the availability of job and their criteria. The second book focuses on getting the right kind of resume saying the right things which will make it attractive to the recruiters. The third book helps applicants get ready for their interview and the basic information that they need to know while facing the interview board.

The benefits of the three books are:-
- Preparation for each step to your job interview
- A step by step program to get your dream job
- Hints on developing a solid network
- Connecting with the right kind of recruiters and companies
- Maximizing the chances for getting chosen

A very important part of searching job as a foreigner is to know when is the right time, where is the right job is and how to get the job? These three sets of books help you achieve the same. Priced at affordable prices, you can order them at It also gives you the current interview methods being used in Singapore to increase your chances for getting selected for your dream job.

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