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Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Age old civilizations have been using Astrology and numerology for thousands of years and follow various superstitious beliefs and practices. Marriage is a sanctified institution involving a new relationship between two individuals and two families. In the view of astrology, the matter of matching horoscopes of the potential groom and bride is very essential. Mystic Scripts helps you with kundali match and manglik matching in order to make a perfect match between two people.

The website presents marriage as a holy communion between two people and puts forwards that the progress and development of one person relies on the other’s planetary influence. Mystic Scripts also has an option for match making referred to as “Kundali Match” at Here the user can enter the details about the boy and the girl who would like to check their horoscope compatibility. Kundali match helps to examine the profiles of your future bride or groom and allows two families to connect with each other. The website also provides manglik matching which is an important feature of astrology. Just as in kundali match, the user needs to enter the details like name, date and time of birth, etc in the website and it will help find the manglik match result. Users can check out the same at

Mystic Scripts focuses on astrology, numerology, daily horoscope, tarot, runes, dictionary, feng shui, dreams, psychic, gemology, oracle, chakras, health, palmistry, compatibility, personality test, ching, biorhythm, kabbalah, magic, sabian, self help, divination, zodiac, angel, and pagan. The website provides instant access to correct forecasts, horoscopes, analysis, chart interpretations and reports on the basis of different methods of zodiac astrology. It helps you understand your Vedic, Mayan, Western, Chinese, Japanese, Celtic, Aztec, Free Will, Karmic, and Past Life astrology sign traits in detail. Interesting profiles for every star sign are produced in seconds. It provides free romance and love astrology reports. It also offers services of an online astrologist for free consultation. It has plenty of information on Greek astrology, Japanese astrology, Egyptian astrology, and much more.

Personalized horoscope can also be obtained through email with the help of Mystic scripts. The website features plenty of articles on numerology like tantric numerology, gematria numerology, baby name numerology, biblical numerology, planet numerology, pet numerology, personal numerology, love numerology, etc. It helps you grasp the impact of numerology in the life path and almost 30 such vital numbers on your life and future. Online numerology readings are available at this website for free.

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Mystic scripts are an online library that has numerous free online articles on astrology, numerology, daily horoscope, and tarot. It provides services like psycho test, dream analysis, zodiac compatibility, etc.

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