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There are many reasons why hiring a design-build contractor makes sense. This article throws light on the advantages of the Design-Build model over the traditional Design-Bid-Build Model.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- There are mainly two models for an infrastructure development.

a) Design-Bid-Build Model: In this method the designer, the architect and the engineer is contracted independently of the builder.

b) Design-Build Model: Under this method, the architect basically works as an employee or is a subcontractor of the firm that is given the contract to build a project. This method is gaining popularity among organizations that need infrastructure for commercial and industrial purpose. With this model, their legal and administrative costs reduce to much higher extent.

There is just one contract for designing and building. The organization only needs to find one single firm to design and build a project. Research studies suggest that Design-Build process can significantly reduce time for completion of a project and the overall cost involved in it both.

Design Build Contractors work together in collaboration instead of being their adversaries. The builder can start getting the basic processes of a project done while the architect is still designing the project. This saves the builder’s time as well.

The architect of a project benefits from the familiarity with a contractor's past projects. He knows about the relationships of the contractor with various vendors that provide raw materials and also his relationship with the subcontractors. This is how the Design Build Contractors can collaborate with each other’s teams to make a construction project cost effective for their client.

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