Joe Bragg Aims to Help Any Shopper Find the Perfect Coffee Table


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Coffee tables are a central component of many living rooms around the world. A coffee table, contrary to what some might expect from the name, can be used for more than just drinks. People can use coffee tables to showcase books, pictures, or even food.

When it comes to choosing the right coffee table, aims to be the number one resource on the internet. is a coffee table shopping resource designed to help anybody pick the perfect coffee table for their needs.

The website, however, is home to more than just coffee table reviews and features. The website’s regularly-updated blog also covers coffee table accessories and decorative items. When paired with the right coffee table, these items can enhance the interior design of any home.

A spokesperson for explains how the website came to life:

“A few years ago, we searched the internet for a good, unbiased guide on purchasing coffee tables and couldn’t find anything. Every website either wanted to sell us a specific coffee table or was giving out bad advice. With the help of some home design experts and a lot of research, we’ve compiled a one-stop resource anybody can use to buy the perfect coffee table.”

That one-stop resource consists of a number of different types of editorials. Some editorials describe how to purchase coffee tables of a certain material – like wood, for example. Other articles discuss coffee table brands and manufacturers while others cover general topics, like the history of the coffee table and its usage throughout history.

As the spokesperson explains, coffee tables can be found in cultures around the world:

“Some may think of the coffee table as a modern invention designed to hold TV meals or laptops, but its usage goes back centuries. Most civilizations have used some type of coffee table throughout history, which is what makes the simple coffee table so fascinating today. Whether searching for a low and flat design or something with a more unique shape, we want to connect our visitors with the perfect coffee tables for their needs.”

However, is about more than just coffee tables and coffee table accessories. Some website articles also cover other decorative items for the home, including dining tables, duvet covers for the bedroom, and throw rugs.

Whether searching for advice on coffee tables or interested in shopping for new home décor items, aims to educate visitors on the latest home design trends and the best products available today.

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