Find Financial Planners Launches to Help the Public Find Quality Financial Planners

Find Financial Planners Australia is a new service created to provide independent, insightful advice and guidance on choosing the right financial planner.


Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2014 -- In the modern world of instant fulfilment, where the mantra ‘live for the now’ reigns supreme, many people fail to take account of their futures and where they are headed, which can lead them in to financial dire straits later in life. To avoid such financial traps however, people need a level of expertise they cannot be relied upon to achieve unless they are a skilled accountant, which is why financial planners have such a crucial role in helping people achieve a comfortable future. Find Financial Planners Australia is the first site of its kind to offer recommended Financial Planners purely on the skill and reputation of their service.

The site has broken down its existing database into the two key locations of Melbourne and Sydney, with more planning to be added down the line as their listings expand. The listings are accessed by helping users identify their particular needs and then filling in the relevant information on the site, which will then connect users with suitable financial planners.

The site is the first to offer truly independent recommendations with no affiliate or ownership driving towards a particular product or service, meaning users can rest assured the recommendations made by the site are made because of the user’s needs, not an advertiser’s. What’s more, when a user has understood the practical and plain English guidelines published by the site, the process takes just a few minutes.

A spokesperson for Find Financial Planners Australia ( explained, “Our site is new but we have put a lot of thought into the process that users undertake to use it, and have assembled a comprehensive directory of recommended providers throughout Sydney and Melbourne. We plan to expand the geographic range of our service soon, while constantly refining the way we connect our users to a range of recommended service providers. In this way, users always have a choice, and their choice is of the most relevant and recommended services, so their financial future will always be in good hands.”

About Find Financial Planners Australia
Find Financial Planners Australia uses an information gathering exercise to determine what would be the best financial planning service for an individual’s given circumstances and helps to connect them with businesses in Melbourne and Sydney that can offer them the best service.

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