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Finding a Path Back to Fitness


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 -- Every person has begun an exercise program at one point, and fallen hard off the wagon only a few weeks later. Some have even experienced a great deal of success on a plan only to be derailed by injury or another life event that prohibits continuation of the routine. Finding the path back to a fitness routine can feel frustrating and exhausting after a fall, but the task is not an impossible one.

After falling off the routine, many begin to feel guilty about losing the progress they had made, or even feel guilt over having to take a break to deal with injury. The first step to finding a path back to fitness is to rid oneself of this guilt. Life happens: schedules change, sickness arises, injuries occur, and routines become scattered or impossible to continue. This is often through no fault of our own, and should not be a reflection of success or an indication of failure. It’s simply part of life that requires adaptation and progression to continue moving forward.

Once the guilt is gone and this stumble can be seen as exactly what it is, a stumble, getting back on the path seems much more manageable. But its only manageable if the expectations are set at appropriate levels. Respect the timetable life as assigned and work within it. No one can do everything all the time, and putting aside a run one day for a late meeting does not mean failure is imminent. Expect challenges and unpredictable changes to a schedule and plan to adapt. Change the evening run to the morning for one day, or trade in a typical hour long bike-ride for a 30 minute jog if time is lacking. Adaptation is key to any fitness program, and is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall.

Finally, shed the use of labels. A person is not a “success” if they completely stick to a routine no matter what happens, nor are they a “failure” if a stumble happens and a few workouts are missed. Always remember progress, not perfection, is the overall goal of healthy living.

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