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'Finding Fame is Easier than Ever Before', Claims Recording Artist, Terry Bradford

From being Celine Dion's duet partner for five years to providing vocals for The Lion King, Terry Bradford boasts a distinguished musical career. However, having recently returned to the stage following a 3 year voluntary break, Bradford has noticed a stark change in performer demographics.


Halifax, Nova Scotia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2012 -- Terry Bradford has been a staple of the Soul and Pop music scene for over two decades. Having worked with such names as Elton John, Whitney Houston and Lionel Richie, he has had plenty of time to study the ingredients of the perfect performer. However, having recently returned to the industry following a voluntary break, Bradford believes that finding the limelight is easier than ever before.

“When I first entered the music scene, fame was reserved only for those that looked the part,” says Bradford, who is still enjoying great success as he turns fifty-six.

He continues, “You had to be young, attractive, physically fit and able to pose for the camera. However, the landscape has now changed and many people approaching their middle ages are discovering new-found fame. Gone are the days when, if you didn’t make it by the age of twenty five, your opportunity was lost.”

Bradford praises the boom of television talent shows for the opportunities they are opening up to people from all walks of life.

“Shows such as the X-Factor, The Voice and The Sing Off are giving everyone an opportunity to live their dreams. In fact, I believe that their popularity is directly attributable to the public’s acceptance of artists that may not fit the bill of being ‘young and fit’,” he adds.

Bradford claims to have noticed a big change following his career break, during which he founded and grew a successful vegan food company.

Before choosing to take a step back, Bradford spent five years touring with Celine Dion as her exclusive duet partner. His other accolades include his stint as Linda Ronstadt’s duet partner during her Millennium tour and even being crowned the 1990 Star Search Male Vocalist Champion.

Upon deciding to close his food company and return to his original passion of singing, Bradford was surprised at how accepting both the public and the industry were.

“Going by the ‘requirements for fame’ that existed when I commenced my career break, I imagined it would be very hard to become successful again. However, during this three year period things really changed and I quickly learned that the public was now more willing than ever to warm up to performers that were older. It’s much easier to earn a healthy living in music now,” he explains.

Bradford has now been back on a full-time basis for a little over a year. Since his return he has accomplished twelve sell-out concerts and a myriad of private engagements. His most recent concert, Luminosity, took place at the Napa Valley Opera House on May 12th and was filmed for airing on PBS.

Looking into the future, Bradford has many exciting plans. He is currently compiling a CD and DVD of his Luminosity show (details here) and is continuing his work with a campaign to bring music back to Napa Valley Schools.

While his plans are big and bold, he has some equally bold advice for others.

“Just because you’re different doesn’t mean you can’t fulfil your dreams of changing your life and changing the world. The music scene no longer suffers from boundaries; go out there and give it your all” he concludes.

For more information about Terry Bradford, please visit: http://www.terrybradford.com

His progress can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

About Terry Bradford
Widely recognized as Celine Dion’s duet partner for 5 years, Terry Bradford has broken through as a solo recording artist and performer.

Strongly influenced by his grandmother, a self-taught pianist and vocalist, Terry began his music training at a mere 3 years of age, when “Granny” plopped him in front of her big, old upright. Terry was a precocious youngster, accompanying Granny’s solos at church and performing in the Gospel tradition.

Music quickly became the center of Terry’s life’s work, both in school and out. By age 9, Terry was the pianist and director for his church choir, and had begun composing music. With his trademark untamed hair and innate grace towards humanity, Terry was an easy mark for school bullies. Rather than respond with bitterness, Terry used these experiences to gain insight into personal motivations and needs, lessons that continue to affect his music today.

From this remarkable beginning, Terry began his transformation into the enigmatic and vibrant musician with universal appeal.

Throughout his long career Bradford has worked with names including Linda Ronstadt, Whitney Houston, Josh Groban, Elton John, Lionel Richie and many others.