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Finding Resolution Motivation


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- It’s usually around this time of year that many begin to struggle with the resolutions they set forth at the beginning of the year. No one is entirely sure of why so many lose motivation at this point on the calendar, but in order to find it again here are some tips from fitness experts and personal trainers.

ACE Certified Fitness Trainer Pete McCall advises his clients to pick a fun fitness-related event every three months to get involved with. Whether it’s a fun run (such as the color runs or glow runs that are becoming more popular) or a seasonal sport change, it gives a person something to look forward to and a specific training goal that can help keep them focused and engaged in their workout program.

Many trainers mentioned finding ways to hold ourselves accountable for our goals. Some suggested putting the resolutions or goals we’ve set in place in visible places – such as on the bathroom mirror or on a closet door – so we can see them each day and remember what we hope to accomplish. Not only the goal should be written, but try to specify a reason behind it that will help the mind stay motivated to keep the body going when it gets tough.

Other forms of accountability can also come from support groups or friends and family. A person should reach out to members of a weight loss support group and ask them to help keep goals in sight and hold them accountable at times of struggle. Find strength in numbers by making friends in a fitness class, or join a running or training group to find inspiration and inspire others as well.

It also happens that we can lose sight of goals because results don’t happen at the rate we think they should. Defeating self-doubt can derail progress, and it’s important to find ways to inspire individuals to keep going. If the number on the scale hasn’t moved, take a look at muscle tone and praise oneself for sculpting and toning. And remember, a lower number or smaller jean size doesn’t always equal health; any steps we are taking and goals we are setting are improving overall wellbeing for longevity as well as improving appearance. Keep health in mind and work towards maintaining and improving it; the other results will follow with patience and dedication.

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