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Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- Writing for the website Her Sports Fitness, reporter Tristen Grant noted that when learning to run properly “there was far more to safely running than placing one foot firmly in front of the other quickly.” When being taught the basics of running, her instructor “made a point of teaching me about good form, the mechanics of an efficient stride and the importance of being able to relax.” Grant also learned that “being aware of the fundamentals not only makes one a better runner, but lets this excellent form of exercise be more enjoyable for the participant as well.”

Most importantly Tristen Grant writes that women who run must “mix up the terrain they run on to give their legs a break from all asphalt or grass surfaces.” She adds that wearing the right pair of running shoes can help. “You want to be sure of your landing to avoid injury. Runners need to strike the ground with the heel or mid foot area, not place stress on the calves by landing on the ball of the foot.”

To help women who run find the most advantageous pair of running shoes available for their stride and enjoyment of the sport, the web pages of was created. Writer and Spokesperson Myla Miller describes the purpose of this review website this way, “a great majority of the running shoes that women runners buy from a sports store do in fact feel instantly comfortable. However, this does not guarantee that they will perform properly when the runner hits the trails, running track or urban streets.”

Miller wants women to know that the wrong pair of running shoes can easily cause injury. “There is more to choosing a pair of running shoes because they seem comfortable. Running in the wrong pair of shoes can cause and aggravate injuries to muscles, bones and tendons of the foot. If you need to choose the best running shoes for flat feet, reading a review of a new running shoe on the market can let you immediately know if this shoe can be the right pair for you.”

When advising women on the best running shoe for their individual foot type and stride, Myla Miller also comments, “Whether one chooses a nike free run womens or another of the top brands is up to the runner herself. She should pick which shoe is best for her particular stride and style of running. All of the top shoes can be classified as superb choices and wise investments depending upon your foot type and the terrain you primarily run on.”

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