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Finding True Love via Online Dating - The "mystery" of Online Dating Unraveled


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2014 -- Millions of people have chosen electronic dating as the preferred method to find that special someone in both the short and long run. The time when one had to stand in the club, eyeing every other individual in the hopes of discovering their perfect match, are long gone. The fact that looking for a relationship online is not only safe, but also full of choices, is an added benefit. However, internet dating needs individuals to be very smart, alert and perceptive. The e-books that have been displayed on ‘’ provide the required guidance. The perfect storybook romance is no longer just a dream – with these e-books, it is existent reality.

Since every person who goes for electronic dating needs a basic know-how of the act, “Online dating for men and women made easy” offers exactly that. It allows its readers to understand how to select the most appropriate dating website. It has tips to inculcate in people the proper conduct that is necessary to attract a potential companion. Most importantly, it conveys the advice needed to uncover a fraud so that the heart, as well as the bank account, can be protected.

“Romance ‘not sex’ for men and women” is another triumph by Ms. Richardson. Many times people tend to create a dating website profile just to get in to an attractive person’s bed. They take advantage of that person’s love and when their desires are fulfilled, they head on to their next bait. This tells online-daters how to create the perfect electronic dating profile. It ensures that the connection between the couple does not end after the first date, causing undue disappointment and heartbreak. It outlines the mistakes one needs to avoid and the proper behavior to adopt. Just follow these steps to form an unbreakable bond of devotion.

“Online dating scams: protect your heart and money” focuses on the ever-lurking menace of online dating – scams. Fraudulent individuals, who trick people in to a blind curtain of unreal love, take away heavy amounts of money. This book narrates different online scamming stories to provide guidance. It also tells readers the tricks, identities and tactics that frauds use to deceive the victims. It coaches the reader on how to read between the lines and to protect the heart from deception before things go out of hand. The book offers details on real life case studies and victims to make the reader aware of the danger.

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