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Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2017 -- Designing a kitchen or even making the decision to remodel a kitchen can be a hard choice to arrive at. Homeowners may struggle for years with an abysmal kitchen before finally giving in. The idea is never an option right away; however, by learning a few things from Bucks County kitchen designers, like the experts at FINE Cabinetry Kitchen and Bath Co., perhaps the decision will be an easier one to make.

Having the right kitchen design is a must for any homeowner or cook. Being able to have optimal counter space to work and enough floor space to not collide with family members is a very important consideration when forming the right kitchen design for a household. There are many different ways to lay out a kitchen, but there is also a fundamental design that is very helpful to keep in mind.

The Kitchen Work Triangle is a means of designing a kitchen to account for the three major components most people use every day. These include: the sink, the oven or cooktop, and the refrigerator. In order to be able to bounce between these three main areas, it is very important to have the right layout and space. That is where the triangle factor comes in. By laying out all of these components in a triangle formation, it will make accessing them way easier. Also, if each leg of the triangle is no less than four feet and no more than nine feet, there will be adequate amounts of space between them.

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