Finer Third Party Viewing Experience Through Action Cameras

Third Person View at the Best with VuPackPole


Eagle River, AK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- People who go for adventure hiking and skiing face a lot of trouble with their camera mounting systems. The basic problems are the head movements which result in shaky videos. The output video is extremely difficult to watch. And editing such videos is extremely complicated. The best solution to these problems is the VuPackPole back mounted systems. They are light in weight, easy to use, safe and overall durable. These POV Camera Mounts support any kind of action camera. They can also be used in any sport and allows the third parties to capture the actions from behind.

The VuPackPole is considered to be the safest backpack pole mounting systems for different POV Action Cameras. These are mounted with the help of RAM Mounts that are designed to carry heavy loads. These mounts have an inbuilt ball with a joint design. These back mounts are definitely the best alternatives for those which provide shaky videos. It also has a grip along with a composite double clamp which helps you convert the VuPackPole to a hand held pole. With this hand held pole one can curve it in any angel. And the pole is out of the coverage of the camera.

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VuVantage, is a manufacturing company that offers camera mounting systems. Hupe Brothers Distributors based at Las Vegas Nevada have tied up with VuVantage to distribute their products in various regions which includes Madrid, Spain, Sevrey, France, Mississauga, Canada, Bedfordshire and now in United Kingdom. There are other products apart from the VuPackPole that VuVantage is offering and would be distributed by Hupe Brothers Corp through

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