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Finest E Cigarettes Featured in the Best in E-Cigs Segment Live on the Doctors Show

The Doctor’s Show is a panel show in which doctors consult with a live audience on matters of health and wellness, and it featured Finest E-Cigarettes in a discussion on this smoking alternative.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- Smoking kills- the simple statement attached to packets of cigarettes along with a cavalcade of other macabre tactics designed to spook smokers out of the habit- all with little effect. However, with taxation, public smoking bans and sales restrictions, cigarette sales are in decline. To offer a solution to those who feel increasingly ostracised, the electronic cigarette has been created using an aerosol Tabaco delivery system safe to be smoked indoors, emitting only water vapour. Finest E-Cigarettes sells a wide range of these, and it’s best selling product, E Puffer, was recently featured on The Doctors Show.

The E Puffer electronic cigarette that was featured in the segment has been seen in use by models and celebrities like Sophie Monk, and has already been catching on purely due to its user friendly construction and the many advantages it holds over traditional cigarettes. A single e-cig cartridge holds up to 200 cigarettes and costs the same as a pack of 20.

Finest E Cigarettes have featured this product heavily and are happy to see the product being treated seriously by medical professionals on a nationwide platform. The product has already been a best seller but as a result of this medical discussion, has seen sales spike once again.

A spokesperson for Finest E Cigarettes explained, “The fact that our number one selling product, E Puffer, appeared on The Doctors is testament to what the manufacturers themselves are legally not allowed to say, but is self-evident. Combustible cigarettes contain over 4,000 ingredients including forms of cyanide, and significant amounts of tar. Aerosol Tabaco uses water, glucose and nicotine. The fact e-cigarettes may have health benefits was discussed on the show as well as information about the company, and that has sent us a huge surge in traffic from those who don’t want to kick the positives of their habit but are happy to dump the negatives.”

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