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Finest for Dogs Earns Top Spot for Sales Among New Dog & Cat Products on Amazon with Top Quality Fish Oil for Dogs


Bath, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2015 -- Finest for Dogs has announced that their newly released fish oil for dogs, Omegease, has earned the spot as the number one new release for supplements for both dogs and cats on Amazon.

The use of dietary supplements for pets is currently on the rise, as more and more research reveals that regular use of the right supplements can help pets enjoy a higher quality of life. Veterinarians are now frequently recommending dietary supplements as complementary or alternative remedies for a wide variety of conditions, and fish oil supplements are one of the most commonly recommended dietary supplements for dogs and cats.

Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, fish oil has been shown in studies to provide a number of benefits for dogs and cats. Increasing levels of essential fatty acids has been linked to improvements in the thickness of coats, diminished shedding, increased immunity and reductions in inflammation. Studies have also shown that essential fatty acids can help promote healthy joints and support the function of the brain and cardiovascular system in cats and dogs.

"With all of the research coming back about the benefits of omegas for dogs and cats, we saw that there was going to be a need for fish oil supplements made especially for pets," explains Steve Hourston of Finest for Dogs. "We chose to make Omegease with wild sardines, anchovies, herring and mackerel based on studies that show they contain a higher concentration of key essential fatty acids and lower toxins than other forms of fish oil."

The form of fish oil used in Omegease isn't the only thing that differentiates it from other supplements on the market. The product also has no taste or odor.

As Hourston stated, "It was important to us that the supplement be easy for pet owners to use. Most fish oil supplements have a pungent odor that makes pets resistant to take it. We have eliminated all scent from Omegease without compromising the potency of the fish oil. Dogs and cats don't even realize it's been mixed into their food."

The differences that set Omegease apart from other fish oil supplements is undoubtedly leading to its success as the top-selling new cat dietary supplement and the top-selling new dog dietary supplement on Amazon. The product has received a 100 percent four and five star satisfaction rating on the retailer's website.

Omegease is currently available for purchase on Amazon. Those interested in learning more about the supplement or purchasing a bottle can do so on the product's official sales page. For more information about Omegease or Finest for Dogs, please contact

About Finest for Dogs
Finest for Dogs helps pet owners take the best possible care of their dogs and cats by providing them with simple-to-use, highly effective supplements that complement healthy diets. The company takes a unique approach to product formulation, using not only scientific research as the basis for formulas but also the experiences and feedback of pet owners. As a result, the supplements offered by the brand are easy for pet owners to use, simple to pets to take and maximally effective.

All Finest for Dogs products are produced in the USA at an FDA-inspected and certified facility and are independently tested at NSF, NASC and GMP labs to ensure quality and safety. Currently, the brand offers two supplements: Rejenease Glucosamine for Dogs Hip & Joint Supplement and Omegease Omega-Rich Fish Oil for Dogs & Cats.

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