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Finished Business: Memoir by Linda A. Freed Tells Hilarious Story of Friendship and Courtship.

After putting her faith in God as a young girl, Linda A. Freed knew that life would be fruitful. Forty two years later and with a compelling story to tell, Freed releases the hilarious and engaging story of her life to date.


Maggie Valley, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- Many people ride life’s journey on the wave of love. However, for North Carolina’s Linda A. Freed, life’s journey has thrown up many exciting twists and turns. With God in the driving seat, Freed’s story is now being told in a truly entertaining new memoir.

‘Finished Business’ could almost be an oxymoron; as the book covers just forty two years. However, having packed in more than most do in a lifetime, Freed’s story is certainly worth sharing.


For every nut, there is a bolt. In my machinist days I was always hunting for a bolt to fit my nut and when I did, it was a small victory. It would take this little nut thirty-seven years to find her bolt, but when I did, I found I'd been sitting next to him for ten years.

I have written a book, I just don't know what kind of a book it is. Maybe we could call it an autobiography, but I'm only covering forty-two years. How about a memoir? That evokes a picture of an old lady in a black dress, limping around with her cane and when asked if she still has an active love life she says, "Dearie, I hung crape on that thing years ago." This is not me. I still wear scrub tops with holes and shorts. I am still here.

This is a love letter hidden in a conversation, disguised as an autobiography, and masquerading as a book.

In this hilarious autobiography, I relive such fond and funny memories. First, through a child's eye and then as a woman driven by love.

Humor abounds as life takes form for me growing up with five siblings and a widowed mother. Beginning in Connecticut and traveling South to Florida, my ambitions moved me along life's path into my nursing career at age 27. Humorous stories unfold from eavesdropping on the hooker next door to the short lived revelation that I was a proud member of the Sisters of the Spinsterhood. As my journey continues, it takes me through a long courtship with an unsuspecting doctor who in his wisdom is able to rescue me as well as himself. I end the book when at age 42 we are blessed with a miracle, a child.

As the author explains, her faith and the path it laid form the basis of her life’s story.

“I believe in God and God believes in me. That it's okay to not be the most beautiful woman in the Universe, because I'm not. That being a V-word (I still can't say it) at age 37 does not mean you’re cursed,” says Freed.

She continues, “But most of all at age 18, I jumped on God's magic carpet and he has taken me on a fantastic trip to love and beyond.”

With a love that matured for over a decade and a half, Freed is looking forward to what the future holds.

“God is in control and I look forward to wherever he takes me. My life certainly didn’t pan out as I expected. In fact, it turned out a thousand times better than I could ever have imagined. I want my book to entertain others and serve as proof that fate always takes you to where is best,” Freed adds.

Critics praise Freed for the upfront and honest account she has provided. There’s no official word on if a follow-up memoir will be released at the end of the next forty two years; although many imagine it will continue to tell the wild and whimsical story of just how fun life can be.

Until then ‘Finished Business’, published by Amazon Digital Services, can be purchased directly from the publisher: http://amzn.to/VtWu1d