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FinTech HK Announces Partnership with TusPark HK for FinTech Development


Kwun Tong, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2015 -- Fintech HK is delighted to announce the creation of a space dedicated to Fintech in Hong Kong, named the "SuperCharger", in partnership with Tuspark HK. The SuperCharger will be hosted in Tuspark HK's nine-story flagship building overlooking Kowloon Bay and will become the major location for Fintech activities in Hong Kong. The SuperCharger will host monthly lectures prepared by FinTech HK and presented by world-class Fintech experts, benefiting Hong Kong's FinTech eco-system development.

Available from today, local growth-stage start-ups and mature-stage global FinTech companies can apply for a co-working space within the SuperCharger. As part of the TusPark network, companies benefit from: access to TusPark's Global Network, which includes 30+ co-work spaces around the world, 100+ Venture Capital Firms and angel investors, media coverage, as well as experience gained from incubating over 1'500 companies. The SuperCharger is located within TusPark's flagship building, which includes 24-hour access, gym for members, conference rooms and a rooftop for events. Members are also able to attend the monthly educational events created by FinTech HK.

This represents a major development for Hong Kong as it leverages on the city's traditional edge as a gateway in and out of China. FinTech HK expects that this announcement will further accelerate the significant momentum witnessed by Hong Kong's FinTech eco-system. Globally, FinTech investment reached over US$ 12 billion in 2014. More importantly, investment growth within Asia Pacific is set to be the highest in the world. Hong Kong is set to capture a large share of this growing market and is already leading the way, with the government recently reporting over 74 FinTech companies, with 41 ranking in the world's top 100.

Furthermore, mainland China represents one of the world's largest FinTech market opportunities. Recently, Lufax raised US$ 468 million, and Alibaba proposed facial recognition payments to over 14 million customers. In many ways, China is leapfrogging other regions in the world in terms of FinTech innovation. The SuperCharger co-working space provides a unique platform to support FinTech cross-border activity, as well as foster cross-pollination of ideas between other verticals such as IoT, Media and Hardware, all of which have dedicated floors within Tuspark.

TusPark continues to play a key role in enabling companies to capitalise on these market opportunities. Joanna Cheung, MD of TusPark HK notes that "TusPark Beijing has a FinTech accelerator program since 2012, 2 years before London's first program". Janos Barberis, Founder and CEO of FinTech HK echoes this, highlighting the fact that "there is an increased amount of cross-border activity of start-ups and investors looking East for new opportunities of growth".

For details about FinTech HK lecture series, please contact: Maya@FinTech.HK

For details about securing a co-working space within the SuperCharger, please contact:

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