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Fintech Storm to Host First Ever Blockchain India Summit New Delhi Dec 6 2016 - Bringing Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum and Blockchain Inventors from Europe & USA


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2016 -- Fintech Storm has been prescient in spotting trends in Banking, Payments & Fintech industries and has been hosting large scale conferences in India under the brand "Europe-India Conclave", inaugurated by India's legendary political leader Nitin Gadkari in Dec 2015.

Bitcoin has defied global skepticism and overcome many a scandal, to be firmly ensconced as the world's favourite cryptocurrency, if not the favourite currency today. Blockchain has become the official obsession of a strange variety of subjects from King of Emirates to US Pentagon, to World Economic Forum, and Governments in Kenya, Switzerland and Andhra Pradesh. World's biggest banks like UBS, Barclays, Santander, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs have published white papers or filed patents for innovations in Distributed Ledger Technology. Ms Arifa Khan, CEO of Zero Field Labs, Architect of Fintech Storm and Blockchain Storm, has big plans for Blockchain in India and is trying to bridge crypto expertise in the west with market opportunity in India.

Cryptocurrencies are in vogue, with the launch of interesting new currencies like Zcash, which are capturing investor imagination like never before and creating a market frenzy. Legendary investors and the global rich are chasing the new Gold Rush - the crypto economy. Read Ms Arifa Khan's piece - a brief history of cryptocurrencies on Linkedin. These are early days for blockchain and crypto economy, and India is yet to wake up to the drumbeat of this new bleeding edge innovation that can potentially make India a global resource hub and excellence centre.

Ms Khan believes this is the era of geeks. Having been an investment banker and riding the high of a Leveraged Finance boom pre credit crunch, she finds similar chutzpah, and the devil-may-care-attitude in the new players and an appetite for winning that are hard to match in any other industry at the moment. All the glamour of this crypto world is in being an audacious geek with a grand vision, and she isn't lacking in geek credentials, coming from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology and Wharton Business School. She also leaves no stone unturned meeting geeks, bankers, academicians, visionary business men, understanding what differentiates their offering and trying to bring all these together in a creative amalgam. She draws the legends and the very best at their craft to her coveted gatherings, given her keen eye for intellectual substance and a flair for grandeur. She has grand plans for India to match the style of events, loved by audiences in London and now everywhere else. She recently hosted a roundtable in Geneva at the back of SIBOS, featuring Hyperledger's Brian Behlendorf.

Sample the giants of the crypto world you get to see at Blockchain India Summit- Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum and seminal figure in taking blockchain technology mainstream, and pioneering Blockchain solutions like Factom, Consensys, Everledger, Coinsilium, Bigchain DB to name a few. In the first confluence of its kind, intellectual heavyweights explore the promise of India, and make plans to invest in technology hubs. Ms Khan will give the Blockchain-hungry Indians a glimpse of the crypto lords, and their plans for future. She hopes the regulator will enlighten the audience on how inventive they can get in India, in their search for the crypto manna. Ms Khan will also be announcing Blockchain Council India at the 6 Dec conference - an association to work on the regulatory aspects as well as interoperability between institutions to reap maximum benefit of the technology collectively.

Zero Field Labs is in collaboration with Swiss Finance Institute at the University of Zurich where Einstein once taught phsyics, and will find academic partners from Indian Institute of Technology to pursue further research in Blockchain. Cryptovalley in Switzerland - the emerging Crypto Hub of the world with a concentrated talent pool, and India - the largest potential market for Blockchain applications - are a match made in heaven. Close on the heels of India event, Zero Field Labs will host another Blockchain Storm conference in Zurich on 20 January 2017 ( which will feature the renowned mathematician Charles Hoskinson, former CEO of Ethereum and current CEO of Input Output, a firm that specialises in creating cryptocurrencies, designing circular economies and managing Initial Coin Offerings. Other speakers invited are crypto valley kings like Wences Casares - Board member of Paypal and Founder, CEO of Xapo, swiss inventors such as Diamond Coin, and Heads of Banking from UBS. If you are a Bank, a Payments firm, a Crypto Geek, a Fintech enthusiast, an investor, a student, a knowledge seeker, or an enterprising entrepreneur - this is for you. Be there for the first ever Blockchain India Summit!

Blockchain India Summit

When: 6 December 2016 9:00am to 6:00pm
Venue: Shangri La Hotel, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Event website:
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Fintech Storm
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