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Fire Glass Is Currently Being Offered by Modern Home Resorts

Modern Home Resorts Brings Fireglass Direct To Consumers


Woodland hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- When considering a home or patio remodel, a major item to consider is the outdoor living area or living room fireplace. If this sounds like a project on your radar, please ensure your use Modern Home Resorts huge selection of fire pit glass. Since they have such a large amount of styles, sizes, and colors to offer, consider the following options when contemplating your remodel or outdoor project.

Due to the diversity in outdoor styles, fire pits are available in a multitude of materials. Sizes and shapes to fit any budget. In fact, a well executed outdoor space can create a romantic area for relaxing or perhaps enjoying your friends company. As far as we can think of, humans have really enjoyed gathering around a warm fire to catch up on the day’s events or relax. If you have the advantage of setting up your fire pits close to a water feature, such as a fountain or pool, you can take advantage of the contrast between them. This type of look that includes fireglass direct from us can be breathtaking. In the end, there are those that may like using the older concrete logs or optional shapes available online from Modern Home Resorts. In the end, updating your space will certainly save lots of ash and soot cleanup once the fun is over since there is no physical bi-product of using fireglass. In fact one major advantage to using a fire pits filled with fire glass is how convenient it is to completely change the look and feel of an exterior space.

Once you figure out the mood and look you’re aiming for, fireglass can be layered in using one of several shades and colors, which by the way holds its color and look over time even in the elements. This allows a homeowner either select an exact match or make a strong contrast with the patio style they have. Others have also designed their fireplace to include several shades, including a dark base and a much lighter or colorful top color. Fire glass has a random shaped which is a lot different compared to logs, this allows the gas fumes to fill the voids in the crack and spaces making a crawling effect for the flames. In the end, there will always be those consumers that prefer random crackling of a damp log, as this is due to moisture trapped in the wood. While this sounds fun is has the potential of launching a glowing ember onto your carpet, or worse your lap. This is no longer a problem if you use fireglass as there is no moisture trapped inside tempered glass.

These sorts of external fireplaces are becoming a popular focus for home owners. They have a dual effect of adding both light and heat to your space. Keep an eye out for several new offerings such as stackable shapes and spheres. You can even manipulate the effect by selecting the correct color of glass, for example, blue light can be the results of using tinted glass while lava rocks give off the look of orange and even yellow flames. This may be a lot to think of, but in order to get the most out of your patio space you should really aim for creating a focal point for guests. Even if you do not have a cliff top or ocean view, a well executed fireplace can become mini getaway for friends and family.

Now designers are selecting fire bowls and fire pits as outdoor heating sources. Even with simple store bought fire units, make sure and select glass that stands out. On the other hand, if the fire pits are constructed in place they consist of concrete blocks as the base, and then introduce a multi pronged metal gas ring as the gas distribution system. The final step in setting up is to dump sand to the correct height. Finally the decorative fire pit glass can then be added.

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