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Fire Sprinkler Pipe Fittings from Now Come with Complete Instruction Manuals


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2016 -- Fire sprinkler systems often come with very peculiar installation challenges and often the end users need to wild guess the ideal alignment position., a leading China based manufacturer and supplier of fire sprinkler pipe fittings, recently announced that all their fittings now come with detailed installation and maintenance manuals, which may eliminate the need for wild guesswork for the end users. The owners also stated that their after-sales customer service team is committed to provide their buyers with extensive tips and guidelines.

The FM and UL approved grooved pipe fittings and other types of systems that the company offers now come in various types and sizes, the owners maintained. They said that the installation process for each of these fittings is tedious and time-intensive. However, one can simply read their installation manual to install the fittings in a step-by-step manner.

"We have always strived to stay in compliance with all the international guidelines, such as API, ASTM, EN, BS, DIN, among others. However, we have noticed that FM and UL approved products become more accepted among user communities than all other products. At present, all our products are FM and UL approved, which gives us a great opportunity to export our products in the US and UK. In terms of quality and service standards, we are way ahead of our competitors in the domestic market. We now look forward to increasing our total production volume as well as total export volume", said the sales and marketing head on behalf of

According to the sales and marketing head, the products that they sell, including malleable iron pipe fittings and other sorts of fittings, are not only compliant with FM and UL, but with LPCB, which is the accepted standard in England, CSA for Canada, TUV and VDS for Germany and PSB for Singapore. He said that the company now aims to increase their competitiveness at both domestic and international levels. Developing product literature is part of the scheme of things.

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