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Firefox for iPad Called 'Junior' Promises to Be the Next Big Thing for the iPad

iPad users who are frustrated with the default Safari web browser will be happy to learn of Mozilla’s new Firefox for iPad.


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- iPad users who are frustrated with the default Safari web browser will be happy to learn of Mozilla’s new Firefox for iPad . Mozilla named the new browser ‘Junior’ but its name is somewhat misleading as it is an extremely powerful and easy to use Internet browser that’s loaded with extra add-ons and it’s significantly better in functionality.

The new Firefox for iPad provides better productivity and entertainment options that just aren’t available on Safari or any of the other free web browsers on the iPad. The developers of the Firefox iPad were extremely motivated as hundreds of thousands of iPad users complained of Safari’s limitations and drawbacks.

Safari is good for Internet browsing when users simply want to find something online such as a product or an article. However, today’s Internet users depend on video, music and a host of other media that enhances their online experience. Bookmarking is also extremely popular with today’s Internet users and Firefox Junior provides exceptional bookmarking and downloading capabilities.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best free web browsers for the personal computer. In fact, Firefox currently has 24% of worldwide market share and it is the third most widely used Internet browser. Junior hopes to capture more than 25% of the iPad market and the way things are looking it’s going to achieve that in the first year because of its ease-of-use and many handy features.

Industry professionals speculate that the inspiration for the development of Firefox Junior came out of the sheer number of consumer complaints regarding Safari. It’s simply not a pleasant experience surfing the Internet using the Safari browser. Firefox knew it could do better and jumped at the chance to create the next big thing for the iPad.

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