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Firetoys Announces New Customer Service Policies to Improve User Experience


Brighton, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Firetoys has always been known for its exceptional customer service and this week that service just got even better.

Customers can now place an order with Firetoys at 3:59pm and receive it the very next day. This despatch promise was previously had its cut-off point at 3:30pm but the increase to 4pm puts Firetoys head and shoulders above the competition.

This is just a part of Firetoys commitment to high standards of service. “We always contact the customer immediately if there is a problem with the order,” said Nick Calvert, Despatch Manager at Firetoys. “We never send a replacement without first discussing the options with the customer. We also promise to answer every email and Facebook message within four working hours,” he added, “though we’re usually much quicker than that, and we always have a friendly voice on the end of the phone to offer advice and answer questions.”

Firetoys also has a generous, 45 day, no questions asked, returns policy. This goes well beyond the seven day “cooling off period” stipulated by the Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs) and is much longer than the policies offered by their rivals.

Director of Firetoys, Yann Waterson, said this was the only way to compete in today’s fierce e-commerce market: “Online shopping and platforms like Amazon and eBay are great for the customer by keeping prices low but it means e-commerce companies can’t rest on their laurels; they have to offer something extra to stand out from the crowd.”

This tactic appears to be working. Firetoys has an extremely good rate of returning customers, their Amazon and eBay accounts have near perfect feedback scores, online review sites sing their praises as does their Facebook recommendations tab.

Focussing on great customer service as well as building a reputation for high quality products and constantly innovating has kept Firetoys’ status as the leading UK supplier of circus, juggling, fire performance and aerial acrobatics equipment. This trend looks set to continue through 2013 and beyond.

About Firetoys.com
Firetoys.com is the leading manufacturer, distributer and retailer of high quality juggling, circus, and fire spinning equipment in the UK. Focussing on quality and innovation, Firetoys stock a wide range of props, from children’s toys such as diabolos and stilts to professional performance equipment. Firetoys Aerial is the biggest supplier of aerial acrobatics equipment in Britain and manufactures high end trapezes, silks, yoga hammocks, free ropes, aerial hoops and aerial rigs.