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Firetoys.co.uk Introduces the Aerial Hoop - a New Way to Fly to Fitness


East Sussex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- The aerial hoop, also known as an aerial ring, lyra or cerceau, has been moving out of the big top and into dancehalls, gyms and pole dancing schools. An aerial hoop is a strong steel ring that is suspended from the ceiling or rig. The aerialist then performers tricks, stunts and feats of strength and flexibility in and around the hoop.

The reason for its migration from the circus into the world of fitness is that the basics are easy to pick up so anyone can start to learn this wonderful art form. As practice and training continues users develop upper body and core strength as well as flexibility. All this is done in a fun way and social surrounding so users make friends and enjoy themselves at the same time as getting fit, toning legs, arms, bums and tums and shedding those pounds. Current users say it certainly beats the treadmills and weights in the gym.

For the potential performers out there, there is always the chance to show off as aerial acrobatics is becoming more commonplace in cabarets and night club entertainment. People don't have to worry if that isn't necessarily their cup of tea, like pole dancing and the other aerial arts such as trapeze and silks it can remain purely a fun fitness activity.

An aerial hoop is also quite easy and affordable to set up in the home. In the UK Firetoys manufactures both high quality, strength tested, certified aerial rings and indoor rigs to hang them from. These rigs are lightweight and have a relatively small footprint and low height meaning they can fit in a reasonably sized room. This sort of equipment allows usersto exercise in the convenience and comfort of their own home.

Aerial rings are equipped with either one, two or three hanging points, or tabs, from which to suspend them. Using two points create a relatively static rig, whereas using a single, central tab allows the ring to rotate, giving it different dynamic. U sers will need to add a swivel to their set up when using a single point to stop the hanging rope or cable from becoming twisted. A three point hoop gives users the choice of using the two outer hanging points or just the central one.

For those interested in the Aerial hoop, Fire Toys suggests that they search the internet to find aerial hoop classes in their area and also suggests that they have a look at Firetoys’ website for equipment and instructional training manuals. To learn more about Fire Toys, please visit: http://www.firetoys.co.uk

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Firetoys.co.uk is the leading manufacturer, distributer and retailer of high quality juggling, circus, and fire spinning equipment in the UK. Focussing on quality and innovation, Firetoys stock a wide range of props, from children’s toys such as diabolos and stilts to professional performance equipment. Firetoys Aerial is the biggest supplier of aerial acrobatics equipment in Britain and manufactures high end trapezes, silks, yoga hammocks, free ropes, aerial hoops and aerial rigs.