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First Aid Supplies Online to Capitalize on Cintas' Purchase of Zee Medical by Acquiring New Customers

First Aid Supplier Has Unique Opportunity to Attract Fresh Crop of Disgruntled Customers


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2016 -- Countless businesses across the country rely on large brands such as Cintas to ensure their first aid kits are updated to the latest ANSI and OSHA regulations. On a regular basis, they are dependent upon Cintas to refill their depleted supplies – and soon their ranks will swell with customers from Zee Medical, a company which was acquired by Cintas. The move is seen as a grand opportunity for companies such as First Aid Supplies Online, who will seek to attract customers that are not enthusiastic about the acquisition, which makes Cintas the largest first aid service company in America. Historically, Cintas has built a negative reputation related to their treatment of customers, which could spell very good news for the Seattle-based First Aid Supplies Online. In addition, as a major player in the market today, Cintas is able to charge any amount they choose – a fact which doesn't sit well with many organizations.

"For a number of years now we have encountered many disgruntled Zee Medical clients, and for them to team with Cintas could very easily increase those numbers," expressed Sales Manager Chris Westwood. "Ultimately the van-based industry is our primary competition, and we look forward to helping those clients that do not enjoy their experiences with these businesses. "

Ultimately, First Aid Supplies Online offers a number of benefits over their van-based rivals. With a simple ordering system, customers can rest assured that they won't be buying first aid items they don't need simply to fill a quota. The purchasing process is streamlined and efficient, and can be contoured to suit the specific needs of a given customer month after month, allowing them to quickly place orders for the items they truly need.

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First Aid Supplies Online was founded in 1989, and since then has amassed over 20 years in the first aid and safety service industry. They continue to offer exceptional product technology and service to customers nationwide. The last 27 years has allowed First Aid Supplies to develop commercial first aid kits for national companies like Subway, Starbucks Coffee, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, as well as similar industrial first aid kit solutions for cities and government institutions.