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First Ballistic Protection Device Designed for Active Shooter Scenarios


Youngstown, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2018 -- The CoveMe-Seat looks, feels and functions like a portable stadium-style seat. But this seat has a lifesaving secret. The device – billed as the world's first protective product engineered specifically with active shooting scenarios in mind – converts in seconds into a top-caliber bulletproof vest. Practical Protection, the Seattle-based company that designed and manufactures the seat, began shipping to its U.S. customers last month.

"A bulletproof vest is never going to work if you don't have it with you," said Aaron Ansel, a compliance lawyer and CEO of Practical Protection. "A seat is the most practical approach for bulletproof protection, because you can bring it basically anywhere a mass shooting event might occur." The device is designed to work as an insert into a classroom or desk chair, or as a standard outdoor stadium-style seat. It utilizes high-tech polyethylene ballistics instead of steel, so it won't set off metal detectors, and because it looks like a regular seat, users can be discrete with their friends & co-workers.

Practical Protection developed the CoverMe-Seat on the premise that other anti-ballistic products are either too uncomfortable to wear regularly, or are ineffective against many of the weapon types used in an active shooting. To address these issues, the CoverMe-Seat contains substantial padding for comfortable everyday use, while housing a compartment for a rifle-caliber plate in addition to the standard front & rear ballistic panels.

Andrew Enke, the engineer behind the CoverMe-Seat, began his career as a medical device engineer. He told us that his priority when desiging this product was to make sure the conversion process would be simple and intuitive. "After a bit of practice, a user should be capable of converting from chair to bulletproof vest in three or four seconds", he said.

The CoverMe-Seat is designed to appeal to parents who want front & rear bulletproof protection for their children capable of stopping AR-15-caliber ammo and that can be left at school rather than carried; teachers who don't want to keep a gun in the classroom but want to be able to protect themselves and their students; security guards, law enforcement & first responders who prefer not to wear armor at all times, but want quick access to ballistic protection; hunters who want to feel safe in their blinds or the bush; and adults and teenagers who want to be able to go outside and to public events without anxiety.

The CoverMe-Seat is currently available for $150 on the company's website. Two-packs are $250. Each CoverMe-Seat includes two ballistic panels rated to stop up to .44 magnum. With the optional rear plate, the wearer's back is protected against high-powered rifle fire. The company offers free 3-5 day shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

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