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First Coast Tree Offer Tree Removal Services in Jacksonville as Storm Season Comes

First Coast Tree can cut back, reinforce or remove trees where they stand following the vagaries of the elements, and prioritize the safety and health of both the client and the trees.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- Tropical storms have battered Jacksonville, Florida for years, and every year cause millions of dollars worth of damage. The damage to the environment is also considerable, but when both nature and civilization collide the cost can be exponential. First Coast Tree is a Jacksonville based tree surgeon that specialize in the maintenance and pruning of trees for commercial and private clients, and now offer a tree removal service to help those affected by tropical storms to clear their gardens of fallen trees- all while offering preventative and rescue services alongside to ensure no tree is wasted unnecessarily.

The company offer dead branch removal services that ensure brittle limbs are not torn loose to become dangerous debris in typhoons or hurricanes, while they will also inspect roots and bedding to ensure that trees are firmly supported in the earth- supplementing them where necessary with special processes.

As well as their newest range of storm services, they also offer everyday practical tree services including stump grinding and removal, pruning, trimming, and health checks to assess the presence of rot, damp, insect or fungal infestations. The company’s primary aim is to offer the most complete Jacksonville tree service available, so that they, like the trees themselves, become a lasting part of their clients’ lives.

A spokesperson for First Coast Tree explained, “When a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it- well, it really doesn’t matter. The trees we deal with have the potential to drastically impact peoples’ lives, causing thousands in property damage not just to their own houses but to their neighbors’, and damage for which they can be held responsible. As a result, it’s always best to call a tree removal service if a tree has been even partially uprooted- the good news with us is, if your tree can be saved, it will be.”

About First Coast Tree
First Coast Tree is Jacksonville’s foremost experts on tree trimming and removal. Their experienced arborists provide fast and friendly service to repair, restore, or remove trees on their client’s property. They can handle anything from overgrown trees to fallen trees and specialize in both maintenance and removal. For more information, please visit: