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First Draft Text Editor Reaches Major Milestone in Content Creation


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2016 -- With approximately 467,000,000 unique sentences inside, First Draft 3.7 has nearly tripled in content for freelance writers and anyone else who needs to overcome writer's block and increase writing speed at the same time.

First Draft 3.7 is writing software that obliterates writer's block with automated content generation, unlimited sentence starters, thousands of autosuggest (autocomplete) entries and more -- all in an effort to quicken the writing process for journalists, bloggers, and content creators across the United States. Within the latest version, selected AP punctuation, style, and grammar recommendations are automatically incorporated into each generated article so that authors can focus on the message of what they're writing rather than the mechanics. The software offers several tools that enable content customization as well.

In addition to generating well-written drafts, the software gives users the ability to customize the writing process much more than before. The software now offers a "snipping" function that saves selected text to an external database; a "tagger," which marks text with a special symbol and meaning for later use; and a "Correct This!" function, which lets users replace sections of generated text with their own preferred text. Other new customization tools include list generation, phrasal templates, template creation, and template editing. It also provides a sentence swapping function -- a function that literally swaps or trades one sentence for another that has a preferred expression.

Its tabs function allows for multiple, opened articles in a single interface, and its export-all-tabs function saves all opened tabs to a single document. This is a perfect solution for large writing jobs that require sectioned writing (i.e. parts, chapters, etc.). Writers can additionally treat each tab as if it were a standalone feature, and use it to generate- write- preview- and/or open a local or remote file without interrupting any other part of the software.

Because the software is geared towards online writers who work in a fast-paced environment, First Draft also provides work-related features that keep a writer organized and focused. Example features include a work ledger that records client names, dates, and payments; a timer that displays the time spent writing; a pause function; a log function; sticky notes; and a "Knock-Knock function that brings a writer's attention back to writing should the software detect a period of inactivity.

New editing tools provide a live readability index score and other types of information that remind writers of the current word count and/or words remaining to reach a specified specific word count. Its thesaurus gives writers immediate access to a database of 6,000 words that people actually use in everyday speech as well, and it's citation tool ensures that writers properly cite research material.

In regards to its content generation, First Draft 3.7 presently generates roughly 467,000,000 unique sentences with even less repetition and even more attention to tone, style, and grammar. That includes over 50,000 generated quotations and over 43,000 generated questions. And it even generates tables, graphs, and seven different types of lists. Its Insert Review Questions function gives academic writers a terrific opportunity to create a short quiz or test with less effort.

Using First Draft's files is easier in the new version as well. Finished articles may be directly e-mailed to clients or uploaded to a website via FTP. Locally, the software supports its own file extensions that open upon double-click.

First Draft 3.7 costs $149.99 and can be purchased online from For more information, contact Just Outsourcing, 1008 Tenth Street PMB #456, Sacramento, CA 95814-3502. Email: You can download a trial version of First Draft 3.7 from

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