First Ever Role-Playing Poker Game "Lord of Poker" Is Looking for Kickstarter Funding

The Lord of Poker is a Role-playing Poker Game (RPPG). RPPG is a unique gaming genre that combines poker, an RPG, and a fantasy card game and expands gaming experience through innovative gameplay.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2016 -- Developer LoP Game Corp. is currently seeking funds to complete the game's development over on Kickstarter. The team describes Lord of Poker as a blend of the gameplay styles with inspiration from Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Hearthstone and Dota 2.

The game main features are:

- Players gain experience, level up, collect powerful items, and earn gold (internal money) through card combats. Heroes advance by making specified poker moves and their combos (raise, call, all-in, etc.).
- Using magic spells during card combat has a dramatic impact on gameplay, making it absolutely unpredictable.
- There are also four specific attributes each character class possesses to varying degrees: Endurance, Courage, Mind and Luck. Each of these influences strategy, playing style, and outcome of card combat.
- Each new location introduces new conditions to the game, making it impossible to use the same winning tactics all the time. Players will need to adapt their gaming strategy as they progress.
- Gameplay unfolds through a combination of gradual development of the game's plot and the immersive experience of a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer On-line Role Playing Game) that takes place in an open world. Players will compete against other players and mobs while progressing through the central quest of the game.
- The never before seen Team Poker mode!

You will play one of class hero customary for fantasy setting which the Lord of Poker world is. You may choose Assassin, Druid, Monk, Paladin, and Wizard, all classes available in both male and female characters. A hero of your choice will then engage in card combats against other players and characters/bosses powered by the game's AI (mobs). Hero's primary skills (determined by character class), powerful items that are worn or wielded, and knowledge of magic spells all influence the outcome of the game, just as your real-world poker tactics do. Each in-game playing location affects gaming style as well, by presenting a unique set of conditions that forces players to adapt in order to win. Your quest through the game's rich and detailed fantasy world to win the title of Lord of Poker promises to be not just an incredible adventure, but an entirely new poker/RPG experience.

Lord of Poker will be downloaded for free from the website. A monthly subscription at the price of $10 will be required to play the game (while the backers will get free subscription for one month or longer). The best players will be able to withdraw the real money from the game through the freeroll-type Main Tournament to be held monthly. Presumably, up to 10 % of the total amount of subscriptions for the respective month will be distributed as the prize pool in the Main Tournament.

LoP Game Corp. is on Kickstarter right now and is looking to raise $100,000 until 3rd May 2016.

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