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First Fitness Gaming Portal Launched - Covering the Latest Digital Fitness, Wellness and Health News


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2014 -- The first independent portal dedicated to the fitness gaming industry has been launched to cover the latest industry news and to support innovative brands and products on the growing market of digital fitness, wellness, and health. brings together two large markets – fitness and technology – aiming to deliver an international perspective on the latest developments in areas including fitness, wellness, health, technology, and active gaming. The fitness gaming industry has witnessed a staggering growth in recent years, with countless innovative technologies emerging on the market every day and new initiatives launched rushing to apply these technologies to motivate children, adults and seniors to be more active.

Fitness gaming technologies are designed to inspire people to adopt healthier habits and ultimately to contribute to building healthier communities, yet their application has expanded to areas ranging from rehabilitation and professional training to parties and corporate events. is the first news outlet to exclusively cover the expansive reach of these technologies and the innovative minds behind them in their efforts to improve people's fitness, health, and overall quality of life.

Launched by Fitness Gaming Group Ltd., the portal aims to provide quality information and news about the latest products, services, and activities in the global fitness gaming arena. The portal is also dedicated to facilitating international outreach to fitness industry companies, brands, and startups by assisting them in presenting their products to a large global audience of fitness, health and technology enthusiasts and professionals. focuses on five key markets to provide a cross-section of the latest news in the fitness gaming industry and to make it easy for readers to research the latest offerings. The markets are: Fitness & Sports, Health & Rehabilitation, Schools & Community, Fun & Events, and Home Fitness.

The portal has a dedicated category for local business concepts and operators, whose work plays a significant role in moving the industry forward. The Zones category presents various fitness gaming concepts implemented in centres across the globe to provide insight into the different ways interactive technologies can be used to support and enhance fitness activities. also has a growing directory of companies, organisations, zones, industry events, and experts, sorted alphabetically and by location.

The portal will soon launch a dedicated Experts category to provide researchers, academics, and medical professionals with a platform to present their ideas, projects, and research findings to an audience of fitness gaming enthusiasts, fellow researchers, game developers, fitness industry professionals, and entrepreneurs. The content featured in the Experts category will not only create interest in their areas of interest, but may also provide a basis for future collaboration with businesses, organisations, and fellow experts. The platform will welcome all experts, professionals, and thought leaders who are passionate and knowledgeable about areas relevant to fitness and health technologies.

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About works with manufacturers, distributors, organisations, event organisers, and individuals who are active in the areas of fitness, wellness, health, technology, and active gaming to present their innovative products, solutions, and concepts to target audiences worldwide. is powered by Fitness Gaming Group Ltd. with headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia.

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