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Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2014 -- First Impressions Laser has become a reliable name for Tattoo Removal in Melbourne because it offers the path breaking PicoSure Laser Treatment.

Getting a tattoo removed is an important decision for users; one that cannot be taken lightly. But more than that, it’s important to ensure that one is getting the best possible treatment for it. Of course there are several conventional treatment methods that are used for Tattoo Removal, but they are soon becoming passé. That’s because there is an option like PicoSure Laser Treatment that is safe, effective and not very painful too.

First Impressions is one of the leading names for this type of treatment to help remove tattoos. One of the advantages of this treatment is that it can promise complete removal of the tattoo in half the number of sittings as in the case of the regular treatments. It’s because of the ultra short pulse duration of this technology that an intense photomechanical impact is created. That leads to greater disruption of the pigment, which means the tattoo is removed in fewer sessions.

First Impressions Clinic also reminds users that since the traditional methods deliver heat to the pigment, certain amount of damage can be caused to the skin. But that’s not the case when this technology is used as a wave is delivered to shatter the ink to remove the tattoo. The clinic keeps users aware of the benefits of this Tattoo Removal method but above all, it also gives them detailed information so that they can make the right decision for themselves.

The clinic works with technicians who have a combined experience of over two decades and they have been trained by doctors who are experts in PicoSure Laser technology. These professionals carry out a skin analysis test at the onset to make sure it is safe for users. While there is not a lot of pain involved, there can be some discomfort, which is why the area is iced after treatment. Only when the technician and client are happy with the end result, the latter leaves the clinic to ensure complete satisfaction.

About First Impressions
First Impressions Laser Clinic is one of the four accredited centres in Victoria that offers PicoSure Laser Technology and is considered to be a leader in Laser Removal Technology.

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